Young and Crafty Sisters: July 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lake Ouachita

Next week is VACATION!!!  We are headed to Lake Ouachita in Arkansas.  This is an annual trip to the most beautiful and clean lake in the world, with the most fun people!  Not to mention this is where W popped the question!

Simply gorgeous!! 

We will be doing some of this...

(I WISH I could jump that high!!!)

But we will really be doing more of this...

HAHA... I crash quite often :)

Hopefully I will have a few fun pictures to show when I get back.  I'll also have one or two more things to show you on the master bedroom.  Sorry to be gone for a whole week but I can't wait to be disconnected from the world! No cell phones or computers!

Until next Sunday...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Wall Art and a Tutorial

On a crazy whim I decided to create some artwork for the master. Of course it was abstract! I already had some 12 in x 12 in wood cut from a previous project. (I'm sure I'll end up showing you one day!) I've found that using wood for art is pretty inexpensive compared to canvas. I bought a sheet of MDF for about $20 and have made about 5 different projects from the one sheet.  That's how I roll... cheap. So here is how I started...

Get your 2 pieces of wood to paint. (While your at it, find the ugliest, most spray painted towel you have on hand.)

Paint your 2 pieces of wood black. (Or whatever color you want) I gave mine 2 coats with acrylic paint. It really doesn't matter what kind of paint you use, spray paint, house paint... it doesn't matter!



Next get the other color you want to use and a piece of string.  I used yarn.  Coat your piece of yarn with the paint. The more paint, the more it will splatter.

Stretch your string across your piece of wood. It doesn't have to be in any sort of pattern, just whatever floats your boat!

Since you only have 2 hands you will have to use another body part or grab a friend to help with the next part. I just used my feet! Hold the string taut and pull up on it. Then let her rip!

Keep criss crossing the string until you come up with this!

Very abstract but I kinda like it! Here it is on the wall.

So here is what I want to know. Should I put one up on the other side of the window?

That's the elliptical that gets used every once in awhile day.

I also really want to know your honest to goodness opinion of my "art".  Please don't hold back and tell me what you think!!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bloggy Changes

Alright guys, I promise you that my background isn't going to be changing every week!  (At least I hope not!) For some reason the one that I chose was going to be deleted Friday.  I'm not really sure why, so I picked a new one!  I actually like this one better.

NOW all I need to do is figure out how to make a cuter header! Any tips or tricks? They would be very helpful to this computer illiterate blogger here :


P.S. I'm SOOO excited that 34 people are following my little ole blog.  You really don't know how much it means to me :)

P.P.S. Since no blog post can be complete without at least one picture, here is a pic of my 2 babies!

Aren't they CAAUUTTEE?? That's Rudy on the left and Roxy on the right!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bedside Table Revamp

Remember me saying that I wanted to make our room lighter with white accents? Well as you can see by my previous post, the lamp might have kept it a smidge dark (although I think it is pretty fab).

You might not have even noticed that little table there had I not pointed it out! I got this cutie table for like 12 bucks on one of my first shopping excursions to Goodwill. I was just itching to do a furniture makeover and for that price I was sold! It was an ugly brown wood color and I decided to spray paint it black to match the room.  What was I thinking!? Everything was beginning to be too matchy-matchy.

So on a whim, and I mean literally on a whim, I decided to paint it. I was in the process of touching up the new kitchen windowsill (hopefully I can show you the completely completed kitchen soon!!) and said, "Hey I've got white paint already out, might as well paint that table!"

Since I don't have any pictures of the before (back when it was brown), I tried to take some of the process that I followed. When I first got it, I sanded that puppy down. No, not with an electrical sander, just my hand and sandpaper. It took F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

So there she is before the redo. Pretty enough, but not making a statement in the room. 

This was as far as the sanding got.  I even have an electrical one now. Sanding sucks major so i just skipped that part :)

This is after one (maybe two) coats of primer, I don't remember.  There is a little bubble on the table.  Not sure where that came from but the lamp covers it up just perfectly!

After 2 coats of primer I decided that I didn't like all the brush strokes. I went ahead and used 2 more coats of spray paint.  I don't know if this is technically correct, but I think it looks fine.

And here she is all beautified!  I think this table is perfect now.  It pops against the wall and also makes my lamp stand out even more. (I made the FAMILY blocks myself, just in case you were wondering) Don't you love that I didn't make the bed :)

She's just so pretty!

And the next picture is just keeping it real for my peeps out there. Do you really think this little bed side table is always this clean? Psshh... YEAH RIGHT!

There she is in her natural everyday cluttered, messy state.  I even put a focus on the clutter for you, not that it's that hard to miss!

Hope you enjoyed!


P.S. I'm not sure why this table is a "she"

P.P.S. No, I did not get a new camera and No, my picture taking skills did not improve that much.  I discovered If you want to edit your pictures for FREE, check it out!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Feminine Lamp

As I mentioned before, we had a very small lamp on the end table. It definitely got lost on the wall.  It was too skinny and the shade was too small.  

I picked up this beauty at the thrift store for a total of 5 buckaroos!  That's what I'm talking about!

Beautiful right?  Not so much. I picked up this lamp becuase I loved the chunky curves. I knew that I could easily spray paint it any color I wanted.  As you can see, I already put a plastic bag over the electrical parts. I didn't sand or anything.  Just sprayed right over it and I only gave it one coat!

Doesn't spray paint make such a huge difference?  Glossy black, you are my new love :)

Now for the feminine part, the lampshade.  Is it sad that I spent more on the lampshade than on the actual lamp?  I bought the shade for about $14 at Wal-Mart. This was my first ever lampshade redo and I knew I wanted to go with a drum shade.  The word on the street was that drum shades are much easier to recover. It was pretty easy but it didn't turn out perfect.  There are a few puckers and the lining on the inside is a little uneven but overall I LOVE it. Since the color of the room is a bit masculine, I added a few rosettes to feminine it up a bit.

I think the rosettes are just what it needed!  They are actually very simple to make.  I read a few tutorials and just kind of made up my own way.  I didn't sew them at all. A hot glue gun is all you need! I went with a grey fabric to tie in with the room and I knew that the white rosettes would pop against the color. I just love it!!

Isn't she beautiful all lit up?

I didn't think I could love a lamp this much :)


Friday, July 16, 2010

Fabric Tufted Headboard

As many of you know, there are a gazillion tutorials out there for fabric headboards. I searched and searched for ways to do mine and decided to go with one that Censational Girl posted. (BTW if you haven't checked out her blog, you should do so right now! She does some amazing stuff!) Sorry I don't have a tutorial or anything but let me tell you, it's easy to make.  The hanging up part... not so much.

I knew right away after we finished painting the room that I wanted to bring in some crispness and airiness. The room can be very dark and I needed to freshen it up a bit.  I decided to go with white accents. I also knew I wanted a tufted headboard. Anyone can tuft a headboard by getting the buttons at a fabric store.  It's super easy to cover the buttons in whatever fabric you want. Here's what a kit looks like.

I had already picked out the exact fabric that I wanted to use for this headboard months before I actually got around to doing it.  It was a diamond textured pattern in solid, crisp white.  But of course, when I finally get the nerve up to start this project, I can't find it ANYWHERE!  When I say anywhere, I mean I went to Joann's, Hancock's, and Hobby Lobby. What the heck? How can NONE of these stores have what I want?! I didn't want to wait for them to get more in.  I was on a mission people.  I was going to complete this headboard TODAY by golly.  So Hobby Lobby was the last place I was at and I found a fabric for 30% off that was textured. I got lucky.  The lady said that they rarely ever have this fabric on sale. Score!

Off to Lowe's me and W went.  I changed my mind about 92374237 times about what type of wood to use.  I had one all picked out and then decided it was to heavy.  The wood I decided to go with still had the plastic strips around it and I had to get them to cut it off.  Of course I didn't want the one on top because it was indented from the strips. I think we ended up getting the board for $20 or so. I also searched the entire store about 5 times looking for D ring hooks in order to hang the headboard up.  Those little suckers are hard to find! Let's just say, W was a little irritated by the time we left Lowe's.

When we got home, I got to work immediately.  We have a circular saw so we cut the board to size ourselves.  (However, if you don't have one and would like to do this you can always have Lowe's cut it for you.) The whole assembly of the fabric and batten was pretty simple. (I used batten instead of foam because it was a ton cheaper.) All you do is pull it taut and staple to the back side... pretty easy if you ask me.

I like it, I don't love it. There are several things I would do differently. First and foremost, I would NOT use D-ring hooks to hang it up.  They are working great now that we have them hanging up there but W and I almost killed got very irritated with each other.  It just wasn't easy.  Somehow we got the thing up there without any deaths.  Secondly, don't be a cheap-o like me.  I used batten and I so wish I would have used thick foam.  It makes the headboard look more expensive and luxurious.  Mine is just gonna have to do because I'm to lazy and cheap to redo it. :) Lastly, I didn't quite measure my buttons correctly.  They should have been farther up. Note to self, next time let the hubs do the math because I suck at it.

Overall, I do love the difference it makes in our room.  It looks so much brighter in there.  If I ever get a sewing machine I will be making up some pillows for this bed. BTW, I made it just for y'all, the bed that is.  It's probably made once a month. :) I have a good excuse though, W works nights and when I leave in the morning he's asleep. But to be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn't make it anyway. My mom is probably having a heart attack right about now.

Here's a side by side of the room before and the room after the headboard just to show the huge difference it makes!

(Don't you just love how my pictures never line up right and are different heights? I'll figure you out one day blogger!)

What do you guys think of the headboard??


Thursday, July 15, 2010

And the Winner is...

... the Master Bedroom!  There will be several posts about what we did in our master bedroom.  Let me start off by saying that our bedroom is a little different than most bedroom's out there.  We didn't go with the traditional light and airy that you see a lot of times.  Our bedroom is dark but I also think that it is a romantic dark.

When we were registering for our wedding gifts we registered for black sheets with a beautiful grey comforter.  Well we got the sheets but not the comforter.  I was clueless when it came time to paint.  Unfortunately I don't have a before picture because this was pre-blog.  I honestly can't even tell you what color it was before.  W says it was a dark brown so we'll go with that. Black sheets with a dark brown wall weren't going to cut it for me so we came up with a grey/black/white theme. I also told W that I wanted to paint stripes on the wall that has the bed and I believe his reaction was, "you want to do what?" I had it all planned out in my head, it was just getting it from my head to the wall!  Sometimes that doesn't work so well... I must say that I do love our master bedroom but I also know that this isn't a room that everyone will love! (And I am cool with that,  you know why? Because both W and I do love it!)

 There are 3 shades of grey in the room and we started off painting the entire room the medium color. So  3 of the 4 walls are painted the color pictured above.  When we first started painting it I had my sister here helping out (while W was at work) and I absolutely HATED it.  I swore up and down that it looked brown and she tried to reassure me that it was indeed grey .  I don't know where I got that idea but I called the hubs and wanted change it... like tomorrow.  He tends to talk me out of doing crazy things like that and suggested that I just finish and see how I liked it the next day.  Well I guess you could say that it grew on me.  Sometimes you really do have to just live with something for a little while!

Now for the part you've all been waiting for... the STRIPES!!


Check out the beautiful crown molding.

(The pictures look different b/c some were taken during the day and some at night)

I love the stripes and how it draws the focus to the bed and gives the room a focal point. Can you find the bed in here?  Sadly our bed just gets lost against the grey stripes with the grey comforter and the black bed skirt.  Everything just blends in.  Not to mention the sad little black lamp on the black end table.

This is dark overload!

I have definitely worked on the blending problem! I have so much to share with you guys!!

Here's a little side note.  Remember how I said we didn't get the comforter we wanted from our registry? Well it was expensive and we weren't really expecting to get it and we sure didn't want to buy it. So we didn't.  W does NOT like plush, fluffy comforters at all.  He says they are too hot.  That makes finding a comforter that much harder.  I would have loved to have a beautiful white comforter but we have 2 weenie dogs and it would show every teeny tiny little piece of hair.  I had looked everywhere for something.  I finally ran across this quilted comforter in Target for like $50 bucks on clearance.  Ummm, yes please.  That's a pretty good price for a King!


P.S. I have truly enjoyed all of your lovely comments.  Today I reached 20 followers, and although it's not many, I appreciate you all and I'm so glad you want to see what I'm up to!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I want a sewing machine SOOO bad. It doesn't have to be the one pictured above and it doesn't even have to be expensive.  Back in high school I used to use my Mom's sewing machine, sadly she had to thread it for me.  I once made a purse out of old blue jeans (where did I get the idea that a blue jean purse was cool?) but that was the extent of my sewing.

So for now I am just going to dream of sewing curtains and pillows... and clothes (one day, far down the road after I've mastered pillows and curtains)

I will also be dropping countless hints to the hubs about how much I NEED a sewing machine. (As in I want one BAD)


P.S. Don't forget to comment about which room you want to see me post about next!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's next?

Alright guys, I can't decide which room to post about next.

Option 1. Master Bedroom

Option 2. Office/Craft room

Sooo... I am leaving the choice up to you!! Just leave me a comment and the winner out of Option 1 & 2 gets the next series of posts!

***Edited to add: Comment until 4 p.m. central time tomorrow!! 


Garage Transformation

All the credit for this post goes to the hubs.  I only get credit for using the tools that it stores :)

When we moved into our house we didn't have any workspace for tools and things like that. We didn't want to get a building for the yard since our yard is fairly small and we didn't want to make it any smaller with a huge building. I was literally using the miter saw right on the garage floor. W came up with a great idea to buy cabinets for the garage and build a countertop.  I must say that he did a wonderful job with the execution of this project.  The FIL gets a ton of credit as well with all the help he put in!

These are actually 3 unfinished (obviously) cabinets put together. W and my FIL built the top with plywood and then trimmed it out to give it a finished look. But the look was still unfinished with the cabinets the awful shade of blonde. W did a great job staining them a beautiful dark finish.

Here's W making sure the doors are all lined up and halfway done staining.

Here is the beautiful finish.  I think W did a fabulous job. Now the miter saw sits on the countertop instead of the floor and is about 100 times easier on the back!

And here's a picture that's just keeping it real. This is the result of about 5 projects going on at one time :)

Yeah that is a mess for sure, but that is a sign of progress right there.  Or just a mess....

Those 3 plugs that you see up there weren't there before.  We had 1... ONE, plug in the garage.  What kind of builder puts one stinkin' plug in a garage? So W and the FIL installed THREE brand new plugs. It certainly makes things so much easier!

If we had two tiny economy cars we could both still park in the garage.  But we don't and we couldn't even both park in there before without sucking in and walking sideways. (And we are pretty skinny people) W drives a 4 door Dodge so he parks on the street and I park my 4 door Grand Am in the garage.  That is when there aren't projects taking up space.  So usually I'm stuck in the driveway and get wet when it's raining and start sweating as soon as I get outside. But hey we are getting stuff done!

I really do get zero credit with this project.  W and my FIL worked very hard and did an amazing job.  I didn't even help stain... I did nada... I may have supervised.  He loves when I do that :)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun Magnets

That picture above would be boring, NOT fun magnets.  I had those and strips of magnets all over my fridge. I actually got the magnets in a wedding gift about a year ago and had no clue what to do with them! I figured, hey these will hold some good stuff on the fridge so I just stuck 'em up there.  I've been staring at those ugly plain magnets for over a year! Until now.. Meet cutie patootie fun magnets!

I mentioned before that my mom had given me a bunch of my great-grandmother's buttons.  There were so many unique one's in the bunch and they were special because they had been passed down.  I wanted a way to display them and came up with this! 

Aren't these so much fun? 

No more boring grocery list!

Now all I need to do is find more things to hang on my fridge!  Just what I need, more clutter or reminders of things to do!  At least if I have to be reminded of something to do, it's going to look stinkin' cute hanging on my fridge!!