Young and Crafty Sisters: And the Winner is...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

And the Winner is...

... the Master Bedroom!  There will be several posts about what we did in our master bedroom.  Let me start off by saying that our bedroom is a little different than most bedroom's out there.  We didn't go with the traditional light and airy that you see a lot of times.  Our bedroom is dark but I also think that it is a romantic dark.

When we were registering for our wedding gifts we registered for black sheets with a beautiful grey comforter.  Well we got the sheets but not the comforter.  I was clueless when it came time to paint.  Unfortunately I don't have a before picture because this was pre-blog.  I honestly can't even tell you what color it was before.  W says it was a dark brown so we'll go with that. Black sheets with a dark brown wall weren't going to cut it for me so we came up with a grey/black/white theme. I also told W that I wanted to paint stripes on the wall that has the bed and I believe his reaction was, "you want to do what?" I had it all planned out in my head, it was just getting it from my head to the wall!  Sometimes that doesn't work so well... I must say that I do love our master bedroom but I also know that this isn't a room that everyone will love! (And I am cool with that,  you know why? Because both W and I do love it!)

 There are 3 shades of grey in the room and we started off painting the entire room the medium color. So  3 of the 4 walls are painted the color pictured above.  When we first started painting it I had my sister here helping out (while W was at work) and I absolutely HATED it.  I swore up and down that it looked brown and she tried to reassure me that it was indeed grey .  I don't know where I got that idea but I called the hubs and wanted change it... like tomorrow.  He tends to talk me out of doing crazy things like that and suggested that I just finish and see how I liked it the next day.  Well I guess you could say that it grew on me.  Sometimes you really do have to just live with something for a little while!

Now for the part you've all been waiting for... the STRIPES!!


Check out the beautiful crown molding.

(The pictures look different b/c some were taken during the day and some at night)

I love the stripes and how it draws the focus to the bed and gives the room a focal point. Can you find the bed in here?  Sadly our bed just gets lost against the grey stripes with the grey comforter and the black bed skirt.  Everything just blends in.  Not to mention the sad little black lamp on the black end table.

This is dark overload!

I have definitely worked on the blending problem! I have so much to share with you guys!!

Here's a little side note.  Remember how I said we didn't get the comforter we wanted from our registry? Well it was expensive and we weren't really expecting to get it and we sure didn't want to buy it. So we didn't.  W does NOT like plush, fluffy comforters at all.  He says they are too hot.  That makes finding a comforter that much harder.  I would have loved to have a beautiful white comforter but we have 2 weenie dogs and it would show every teeny tiny little piece of hair.  I had looked everywhere for something.  I finally ran across this quilted comforter in Target for like $50 bucks on clearance.  Ummm, yes please.  That's a pretty good price for a King!


P.S. I have truly enjoyed all of your lovely comments.  Today I reached 20 followers, and although it's not many, I appreciate you all and I'm so glad you want to see what I'm up to!