Young and Crafty Sisters: Bedside Table Revamp

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bedside Table Revamp

Remember me saying that I wanted to make our room lighter with white accents? Well as you can see by my previous post, the lamp might have kept it a smidge dark (although I think it is pretty fab).

You might not have even noticed that little table there had I not pointed it out! I got this cutie table for like 12 bucks on one of my first shopping excursions to Goodwill. I was just itching to do a furniture makeover and for that price I was sold! It was an ugly brown wood color and I decided to spray paint it black to match the room.  What was I thinking!? Everything was beginning to be too matchy-matchy.

So on a whim, and I mean literally on a whim, I decided to paint it. I was in the process of touching up the new kitchen windowsill (hopefully I can show you the completely completed kitchen soon!!) and said, "Hey I've got white paint already out, might as well paint that table!"

Since I don't have any pictures of the before (back when it was brown), I tried to take some of the process that I followed. When I first got it, I sanded that puppy down. No, not with an electrical sander, just my hand and sandpaper. It took F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

So there she is before the redo. Pretty enough, but not making a statement in the room. 

This was as far as the sanding got.  I even have an electrical one now. Sanding sucks major so i just skipped that part :)

This is after one (maybe two) coats of primer, I don't remember.  There is a little bubble on the table.  Not sure where that came from but the lamp covers it up just perfectly!

After 2 coats of primer I decided that I didn't like all the brush strokes. I went ahead and used 2 more coats of spray paint.  I don't know if this is technically correct, but I think it looks fine.

And here she is all beautified!  I think this table is perfect now.  It pops against the wall and also makes my lamp stand out even more. (I made the FAMILY blocks myself, just in case you were wondering) Don't you love that I didn't make the bed :)

She's just so pretty!

And the next picture is just keeping it real for my peeps out there. Do you really think this little bed side table is always this clean? Psshh... YEAH RIGHT!

There she is in her natural everyday cluttered, messy state.  I even put a focus on the clutter for you, not that it's that hard to miss!

Hope you enjoyed!


P.S. I'm not sure why this table is a "she"

P.P.S. No, I did not get a new camera and No, my picture taking skills did not improve that much.  I discovered If you want to edit your pictures for FREE, check it out!