Young and Crafty Sisters: Fabric Tufted Headboard

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fabric Tufted Headboard

As many of you know, there are a gazillion tutorials out there for fabric headboards. I searched and searched for ways to do mine and decided to go with one that Censational Girl posted. (BTW if you haven't checked out her blog, you should do so right now! She does some amazing stuff!) Sorry I don't have a tutorial or anything but let me tell you, it's easy to make.  The hanging up part... not so much.

I knew right away after we finished painting the room that I wanted to bring in some crispness and airiness. The room can be very dark and I needed to freshen it up a bit.  I decided to go with white accents. I also knew I wanted a tufted headboard. Anyone can tuft a headboard by getting the buttons at a fabric store.  It's super easy to cover the buttons in whatever fabric you want. Here's what a kit looks like.

I had already picked out the exact fabric that I wanted to use for this headboard months before I actually got around to doing it.  It was a diamond textured pattern in solid, crisp white.  But of course, when I finally get the nerve up to start this project, I can't find it ANYWHERE!  When I say anywhere, I mean I went to Joann's, Hancock's, and Hobby Lobby. What the heck? How can NONE of these stores have what I want?! I didn't want to wait for them to get more in.  I was on a mission people.  I was going to complete this headboard TODAY by golly.  So Hobby Lobby was the last place I was at and I found a fabric for 30% off that was textured. I got lucky.  The lady said that they rarely ever have this fabric on sale. Score!

Off to Lowe's me and W went.  I changed my mind about 92374237 times about what type of wood to use.  I had one all picked out and then decided it was to heavy.  The wood I decided to go with still had the plastic strips around it and I had to get them to cut it off.  Of course I didn't want the one on top because it was indented from the strips. I think we ended up getting the board for $20 or so. I also searched the entire store about 5 times looking for D ring hooks in order to hang the headboard up.  Those little suckers are hard to find! Let's just say, W was a little irritated by the time we left Lowe's.

When we got home, I got to work immediately.  We have a circular saw so we cut the board to size ourselves.  (However, if you don't have one and would like to do this you can always have Lowe's cut it for you.) The whole assembly of the fabric and batten was pretty simple. (I used batten instead of foam because it was a ton cheaper.) All you do is pull it taut and staple to the back side... pretty easy if you ask me.

I like it, I don't love it. There are several things I would do differently. First and foremost, I would NOT use D-ring hooks to hang it up.  They are working great now that we have them hanging up there but W and I almost killed got very irritated with each other.  It just wasn't easy.  Somehow we got the thing up there without any deaths.  Secondly, don't be a cheap-o like me.  I used batten and I so wish I would have used thick foam.  It makes the headboard look more expensive and luxurious.  Mine is just gonna have to do because I'm to lazy and cheap to redo it. :) Lastly, I didn't quite measure my buttons correctly.  They should have been farther up. Note to self, next time let the hubs do the math because I suck at it.

Overall, I do love the difference it makes in our room.  It looks so much brighter in there.  If I ever get a sewing machine I will be making up some pillows for this bed. BTW, I made it just for y'all, the bed that is.  It's probably made once a month. :) I have a good excuse though, W works nights and when I leave in the morning he's asleep. But to be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn't make it anyway. My mom is probably having a heart attack right about now.

Here's a side by side of the room before and the room after the headboard just to show the huge difference it makes!

(Don't you just love how my pictures never line up right and are different heights? I'll figure you out one day blogger!)

What do you guys think of the headboard??