Young and Crafty Sisters: Mini Kitchen Renovation

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mini Kitchen Renovation

The next few posts are going to be about the recent halfway kitchen renovation that W and I (and Lowes) did. We have a small but cozy kitchen. Our existing cabinets were perfectly fine and already painted a beautiful white so we left those. However, our counter tops were ugly with a capital U.G.L.Y.  you ain't got no alibi... 

Told ya... UGLY.  They definitely dated back to the 80's Formica, typical bathroom counter tops. It's even on the windowsill and backsplash... yuck.

So W and his dad did the renovation of tearing out the counter tops and taking the sink out. Lowes could have done it but they charge you like $200.00 bucks and we are cheap.  Why pay someone for something you can do yourself?


Here is W and his dad unhooking the water. (Very important step!)


And here is the fun part!


I forgot to mention that I was at work when all of the tearing out was going on.  Let's just say that when I got home, I freaked out a LOT little. I wasn't prepared for it to look so nasty! We were really hoping that the drywall would be smooth enough so that we could just paint it and add a backsplash at a later time.  No such luck.  The glue that they put on the Formica is no joke.

When we moved in the walls were already painted red.  We both loved it and decided that they would stay. They also matched our plates that we got from our wedding shower! So, I just didn't picture brown shades of granite counter tops going in our kitchen.  I also didn't picture the real granite because, HELLO, that crap is expensive! So here is what we came up with.


Hello Beautiful glossy blackish/gray countertops


These counter tops make a HUGE difference in our kitchen. (In my opinion!) First of all, they are not real granite (because we're cheap people, and I do mean cheap!) They are the Formica brand that is made to look like granite.  The counter tops are all seamed together perfectly. Second of all, black/grayish fake granite is super hard to find.  I almost gave up looking because everywhere you go everything is in brown shades with the occasional crazy blue or green.  I'm not even kidding! Who buys that anyway? (The blue and green that is) We did finally end up purchasing the counter tops from Lowes and had them install them. W may be handy but he isn't that handy!!

The total for this project was about $2,000.00.  If we would have gotten the real deal it would have doubled, if not tripled.  I think that we have added value to our home and we absolutely LOVE them!

Next up, the backsplash!!