Young and Crafty Sisters: More Wall Art and a Tutorial

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Wall Art and a Tutorial

On a crazy whim I decided to create some artwork for the master. Of course it was abstract! I already had some 12 in x 12 in wood cut from a previous project. (I'm sure I'll end up showing you one day!) I've found that using wood for art is pretty inexpensive compared to canvas. I bought a sheet of MDF for about $20 and have made about 5 different projects from the one sheet.  That's how I roll... cheap. So here is how I started...

Get your 2 pieces of wood to paint. (While your at it, find the ugliest, most spray painted towel you have on hand.)

Paint your 2 pieces of wood black. (Or whatever color you want) I gave mine 2 coats with acrylic paint. It really doesn't matter what kind of paint you use, spray paint, house paint... it doesn't matter!



Next get the other color you want to use and a piece of string.  I used yarn.  Coat your piece of yarn with the paint. The more paint, the more it will splatter.

Stretch your string across your piece of wood. It doesn't have to be in any sort of pattern, just whatever floats your boat!

Since you only have 2 hands you will have to use another body part or grab a friend to help with the next part. I just used my feet! Hold the string taut and pull up on it. Then let her rip!

Keep criss crossing the string until you come up with this!

Very abstract but I kinda like it! Here it is on the wall.

So here is what I want to know. Should I put one up on the other side of the window?

That's the elliptical that gets used every once in awhile day.

I also really want to know your honest to goodness opinion of my "art".  Please don't hold back and tell me what you think!!