Young and Crafty Sisters: Cute Photo Storage Boxes

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cute Photo Storage Boxes

I'm sure everyone has seen the plain jane white photo storage boxes that you can get at Hobby Lobby for about $4.00. (Even cheaper if you get it during the half off sale, which I always do!) Well I've got a few that I don't use for photo storage but for office storage.  These offer a much cuter alternative then the typical desk matching organizers. Here is the before of the box. Ummm can we say, not so cute?

ZzZzZ... such a snooze...

Here are mine all jazzed up!

Yellow is my FAVORITE color!  It's so bright and cheery :) My craft office room is painted a pale green color and is accented with yellow.  When I walk in this room to do stuff I instantly feel calm.  The green is so soothing and the bright pops of yellow aren't enough to make you go crazy!

This little project was super easy.  All I did was recover the lids with fabric.  I found the yellow damask fabric online and I LOVE it.  I like black and white damask too, but this is a little more subtle. Here are a few more shots of the cutie photo, oops I mean storage boxes!

Man do I love that fabric!  You will see just how much I love it because it's all over my craft office room. Now I just need to make a few more for all the little knick knack things that need a home!

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