Young and Crafty Sisters: Garage Selling!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Garage Selling!

This weekend I got to do one of my favorite things with two of my favorite people!  My mom, Grandma and I went garage selling (or rather buying) this morning.  My favorite type of sale is definitely the Estate Sales. Not because you get a fantastic deal (because you usually don't) but because you get to walk through other people's houses and be nosey.  I know it's a little creepy but I love to see peoples houses on the inside and all the stuff they had!

I ended up buying two things. The first was a nautical type bracelet in white for only $1.00! I have seen these all over blogland and knew that I just had to have it.

Isn't it a little cutie?!

The second caught me totally by surprise.  This wasn't something that was on my mental "need to get" list.  It was on my list of something to "get eventually one day" list, but I never dreamed I would find it a garage sale! I found an area rug that is HUGE (8x11) for $50!! Can you believe that?!  Rugs are so expensive so I was beyond excited to get this for a steal!!

There are no stains or tears, but let me tell you, that thing stinks!!  It smells like dog some kind of bad. I don't think this is an easy vacuum fix (no matter how much carpet fresh or Febreeze I dump on there) so I'm going to have to steam clean it before it comes in my house.  Don't get me wrong, I have 2 dogs as well but I really, really hope my house doesn't smell at all like this rug!! Poor Grandma had to ride right by this thing to take it back to my house. My mom febreezed the heck out of her car as soon as we took it out!

I do love the colors though.  It will go so well in the living room!  I am crossing my fingers and toes that the smell comes out!!

My mom found this "has potential" little stool for $1.  1 whole dollar!!  I'm going to be a good daughter and re-cover it for her in a cute fabric.  I would love to paint the little legs but I haven't asked if she's cool with that yet.

I don't love this fabric at all or the stains that come along with it. This will give me good practice on reupholstering stuff.  I have a chair that is waiting it's turn!

I told W earlier in the week that I was going to call my mom and Grandma to see if they wanted to go garage selling and he asked what I really needed to buy. (Just like a man to think you need to go for a reason!)  I told him that garage selling for me isn't really about looking for anything in particular.  It's more about getting to spend time with Mom and Grandma. I know that we all enjoy these days together and don't do them often enough. Not to mention that it sure doesn't hurt if you get a great deal in the process! 

Have you found any awesome deals at a garage sale lately?