Young and Crafty Sisters: The "Good Enough" Memo Board

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Good Enough" Memo Board

I call it a "good enough" memo board because it's obviously not perfect.  It's good enough that I can live with it and most people probably won't notice that anything is wrong.  Of course,  you will all know because I'm about to point out every flaw and shortcut I took.  That's how I roll peeps.  No shame here!

I used my lovely yellow damask fabric again. I told you you would be seeing it again!  If you missed my previous project you can check it out here.  Let's just say that it didn't start out with my lovely yellow damask. Here is how it turned out on the first try!

Can we say ewwww? What was I thinking even buying that fabric?  It is ugly and VERY overpowering yellow. I knew it was all wrong and that was when I began my search for something softer.  Enter yellow damask.

So there she is all pretty and holding pictures.

I just love buttons. Especially vintage great-grandmother buttons.

And here are her problem areas.

Why are the squares uneven you ask? Oh that's right, I didn't measure. Some things I've particular about.  This isn't one of them. But every time I look at it, I conveniently overlook the problem areas. I would much rather look at the pictures or the beautiful fabric!

You may be wondering what I made my little memo board out of.  (It should be renamed photo board because that's all I use it for!) Did I use a cabinet door? Cork? Wood?

Any guesses? That would be a ceiling tile. Like the one found on the grid ceilings. I honestly don't know how much these cost because I got mine for FREE from my previous job. They had extra so I swiped it after asking of course. The great thing about using a ceiling tile is that it makes a great push pin board. It's like cork but better since it's thicker!

Notice my crazy way of rigging this bad boy up.  Talk about cheap innovative! I put about 100 staples on each side of 4 pieces of yarn.  It holds perfectly fine because the ceiling tile is so light.  Gosh I'm clever lazy.

My motto is, if it works and no one is going to see it, why not do it!?
(What was I thinking buying that awful yellow fabric?!)

So there you have, the "good enough" memo photo board!