Young and Crafty Sisters: Mod Podge Ceiling Fan

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mod Podge Ceiling Fan

Mod podge what?! You read right... a mod podge fan.  As far as I know, this is an all original thought. I didn't steal "borrow" it from anyone! Our Master had a beautiful fan but it just wasn't right for the room.  Everything in there was grey with black and white accents so the tan fan just wasn't working. Chandy's are gorgeous but there is no way W would go for it and I must admit I do love my fan.  It helps me sleep better having a cool breeze. We even keep it going in the winter... for real... not even kidding. I forgot to snap a picture of it all assembled but I got a shot with one blade and the globe already off.

Let me tell you peeps... this was no easy fan to take apart.  The blades are screwed in through slits that you get to through that tiny little slit on the white part. It was RIDICULOUSLY hard to take apart and put back together!  W came to the rescue as per usual.  He's such a great husband :) Anyway, it was out of the budget to get a new fan (especially since we have a BIG project coming up!) So I was staring up at this fan trying to think of ways to redo it to fit in the room.  I knew I wanted some kind of print.  Paint with a stencil crossed my mind but I just wasn't sold. Hmmm...what has a print and is super duper easy to do? Scrapbook paper with mod podge!! And here you have it folks, my amazing mod podged fan!

OHHH.MY.GOSH. My heart just did a little jiggity jig.  This is my new love people.  I may never turn the fan on again just so I can stare at it all night long :) Yeah right, I need my sleep.

Here are a few more pictures because I LOVE this fan. I think this is a cool way to make a boring fan FUN because let's face it fan's are a little boring.

Ohhh how I heart you!!

So tell me what you guys think????!!!!


P.S.  I plan on posting a tutorial for how to make this sometime this week!!