Young and Crafty Sisters: September 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scraptastic Saturday Features

I am doing the feature post early this week because tomorrow I have something to show for Scraptastic Saturday! As always, you guys did not disappoint in the creativity department!

I want to move just so I can make these super adorable cards to invite people over for a housewarming party!  Go check out Fowl single File!

This is such a cool calendar.  I love how you can have theme's for each month! Clean and Scentsible did an amazing job!

What a fun idea for a card!! Go check out Frame Fanatic, she always has super cute cards!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grandpa's Woodwork

This post is a little different.  I'm showcasing my Grandpa's work! My Grandpa is very good at working with wood.  I just wanted to showcase his amazing talent. He recently got into making birdhouses and I was lucky enough to get one! It takes him about a week to make ONE birdhouse. They are just really cool and each and every one is completely different. 

(Sorry about the picture quality, I took these with my phone!)

Isn't the finish beautiful?  He takes a log, splits it in half, hollows it out and then puts it back together.  You can't even see the seams of where he put them back together! The top is unique to this birdhouse and he made it as well.

This is the most magnificent bowl I have ever seen.  I think he used about 4 different kinds of wood and somehow made one bowl.  The time and thought that went into this bowl is just incredible.  I may or may not try to steal it every time I go to their house :)

And here is MY birdhouse.  Isn't it lovely?  I (as in W) haven't had a chance to hang it from the front tree in my yard yet. The finish and detail is just gorgeous.  Whatever that detail is on the bottom is beautiful.

I will always cherish this birdhouse and everytime I look at it I will think of both Grandma and Grandpa and how much they mean to me.  I'm sure I will get many compliments when it's hanging from my front tree :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog Swap with Paisley Passions

HELLO all of you Young and Crafty blog readers out there! I am thrilled to be guest posting with Hannah on her uber cute blog today!
My name is Lori and my blog is called Paisley Passions.

I have been out and about in blogland for a couple of years now, but I just started my Paisley Passions craft blog the first week of July 2010. It is so fun to have a place to share all of my creative projects and I love making new friends through the world of blogging :)

On my blog you will find easy Home Decor projects like this:

Vanity Before and After

A few Sewing Projects like this:
From Long Pants to UBER Cute Shorts

And even some stuff like this:
Party Time Fun!

If you are ever looking for a Fun Blog Hop or a Linky Party to join in, I also have a Linky Love Library and a Blog Hop Library on my blog, so that they are easy for people to find and join in the fun! They are free to use (and if you host one, come by and link it up!), all I ask is that if you find one that is new to you, that you let the host/hostess know you found them from my blog. As simple as that! :)

On Thursdays I host my own linky party called Thrilling Thursday.  It is a fun party where you can link up YOUR creations, or just come over and check out the creations of the other talented people out in blogland.  It is a great way to spark your creativity!

Thanks, Hannah, for letting me guest post today!!!  I hope that all of you Young and Crafty readers will pop on over to Paisley Passions and say hi!

Thanks so much Lori for swapping with me! If you haven't checked her out... why are you still here!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Topiary

I've had this idea in mind for awhile now but just haven't had time to go to Hobby Lobby to get my supplies! Well, I finally did on Saturday and I am so glad I finally got around to this project.  It turned out exactly how I had hoped!

Here is the finished project:

(Please ignore the super awesome cable plug outlet. Seriously, who puts your cable thing there?)

How 'bout a little tutorial?

This was actually really easy, here are the supplies that you'll need.

A styrofoam ball, cute beady things, and a stick from your front yard :)

Spray paint your ball something dark so that you won't have any white peeking through.  I chose black, only because my options were black or white. I really wanted to use red.

Then cut your beady things off, make sure to leave as much of the wire part as you can.

Now, just start sticking them in your styrofoam.  I didn't even fire up the hot glue gun.  None have fallen out yet, hopefully it will stay that way :)

There was no rhyme or reason for how I put mine on, just random!

Then enjoy your super cute fall topiary!  (It is so hard to get a good picture in my living room becuase we only have one tiny door window... ugh)

Want to know a secret? This ding bat here didn't buy enough beady things. So, half of it  looks all gorgeous and stuff and the other half looks like a black styrofoam ball. The thing is, no one will even notice because of where I have it positioned! Do you think I'm going to go buy more and finish it? Not a chance.

Don't worry, you can't really see it! I just turned it to show you guys.

The hardest part was waiting for the spray paint to dry.  Now that, I can handle!

Intorducing Embellishing Life

I am very pleased to introduce all of you to Jenny from Embellishing Life, my newest sponsor!

Jenny is a stay at home mom who loves to craft. She has opened here very own Etsy shop to share her creativeness with everyone! She also has her a blog where she shows off her crafting adventures.

Here are a few things you will find over at Embellishing Life's Etsy shop.

Look at these super cute cupcake toppers for fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving!

These tags are just perfect for a little girl's birthday!

There are also these cool keepsake tins!

I hope that you will all take a minute to go check out her Etsy shop!

Also, hop over to browse around her blog for awhile!

Thanks so much Jenny for sponsoring my blog!!
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Scraptastic Saturday

I hope you have all had an amazing week! I also hope that you have been working on some super cool scrapbook paper projects to link up :)

First, here are a few features from last weeks link up.

I just love this girly scrap page that The Crafty Clique made.

The Inked Stamper made this fun, spooky Halloween tic tac toe game.

I'm sure you've seen The Speckled Dog's Halloween hoops being featured but I just couln't resist! I just love that little owl :)

And last but not least Live, Laugh, Craft made these magnets super cute with coordinating scrapbook paper!
(She's also my sponsor so check her blog out for some cool stuff!)

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The only rule is that your project or craft must be made of Scrapbook paper!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apothecary Bandwagon

Oh yes, I jumped right on that bandwagon and I'm glad I finally did!  I have no clue where I first saw this project but I think that everytime I went to the dollar store I put the pieces to make this super cheap apothecary jar in my basket but for some unknown reason I always took it out. Oh wait, I know the reason, I didn't have a clue what I would put in it!

Here's how you do it (just in case you haven't seen every other blogger in bloglands tutorial yet):

Go to the Dollar Tree and buy a candle base ($1.00)

Also buy a vase ($1.00)

Heat up your hot glue gun.  Put your hot glue around the rim of your candle base and then place vase on top. That is it! You are done with this 30 second project.

Here's what I have in mine on my mantle. (One day I will show you my mantle, it's a weird and hard one to decorate but at the same time pretty unique!)

I have very few Halloween decorations but I'm trying to fix that this year!

It could definitely use a few more skull heads but I like it! There's nothing like quick and easy!

P.S. Don't forget to come back tomorrow at 10 p.m. for Scraptastic Saturday!!