Young and Crafty Sisters: The Biggest, Baddest, Hardest Project EVER: Phase 2

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Biggest, Baddest, Hardest Project EVER: Phase 2

Ripping out the carpet and tile was hard.  Putting in the floors was hard times a thousand billion.  I figured that this project would be more of W and my FIL doing most of the work and me just pitching in every now and then maybe wiping the sweat off of their forehead. I was wrong, very, very wrong. 

There was so much more involved in this project that I never thought of.  Like, did you know that you have to cut under the door frames for the floors to be level? Yeah, neither did I!  We had ELEVEN door frames to cut under with the Dremel tool! Nearly wore it out; I'll have to look for a deal on a new one.

That's my MIL Dremeling it up! Oh how I hate that thing!

I also knew that we would have to cut around the fireplace (which is round by the way) and a few corners but I failed to remember the ELEVEN door frames that we had to cut around!  That was the most frustrating part was all of the cutting.

We started like the pic below.  We put the blue moisture pad down over the concrete but didn't worry about putting it over the linoleum.  One less thing to rip out :) In case you were wondering, this is laminate wood and a free floating floor.

W working on one of the ELEVEN door frames!

This is how the pups hung out most of the day.  They were either there or right beside me getting in my way!

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of me in action but fear not, I worked my bootay off!  We ALL (W, FIL MIL and myself) contributed equally.  It took many hundreds of trips to the garage to cut on the table or miter saw. We were all frustrated with each other at the end of 2 days of working 7+ hours. And we all felt like we had run a marathon the next day! We were incredibly sore!

However, I cannot express how thankful I am for the wonderful in laws that I have been blessed with.  There is no possible way that we could have completed this project on our own (without spending bukoos of money). They could have very easily spent their weekend doing something else but chose to help us complete this massive project.  I appreciate all of their hard work and help more than they know!

I hope to show you the END fabulous project by the end of the week!!