Young and Crafty Sisters: Fall Topiary

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Topiary

I've had this idea in mind for awhile now but just haven't had time to go to Hobby Lobby to get my supplies! Well, I finally did on Saturday and I am so glad I finally got around to this project.  It turned out exactly how I had hoped!

Here is the finished project:

(Please ignore the super awesome cable plug outlet. Seriously, who puts your cable thing there?)

How 'bout a little tutorial?

This was actually really easy, here are the supplies that you'll need.

A styrofoam ball, cute beady things, and a stick from your front yard :)

Spray paint your ball something dark so that you won't have any white peeking through.  I chose black, only because my options were black or white. I really wanted to use red.

Then cut your beady things off, make sure to leave as much of the wire part as you can.

Now, just start sticking them in your styrofoam.  I didn't even fire up the hot glue gun.  None have fallen out yet, hopefully it will stay that way :)

There was no rhyme or reason for how I put mine on, just random!

Then enjoy your super cute fall topiary!  (It is so hard to get a good picture in my living room becuase we only have one tiny door window... ugh)

Want to know a secret? This ding bat here didn't buy enough beady things. So, half of it  looks all gorgeous and stuff and the other half looks like a black styrofoam ball. The thing is, no one will even notice because of where I have it positioned! Do you think I'm going to go buy more and finish it? Not a chance.

Don't worry, you can't really see it! I just turned it to show you guys.

The hardest part was waiting for the spray paint to dry.  Now that, I can handle!