Young and Crafty Sisters: Fall Wreath

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Wreath

Here in Louisiana where it's still 90 degrees everyday, it's super hard to get into the fall mood. There is no hint of cooler weather in the air or of the leaves changing colors.  Actually, it feels just like summer. 

Seeing all of the cute fall stuff that everyone has been creating inspired me to go drag my fall decor out of the attic.  I got a few strange stares from the hubs and I knew he was thinking, "Umm it's like a cajillion degrees out and not even CLOSE to fall!" I just pretended like I didn't see him staring and kept putting stuff up smiling happily at the gorgeous colors.

I made this wreath last year but thought I would show you guys.  I may or may not have felt like a Grandma while making this wreath.  You must understand, this was my first wreath ever!  In my mind wreath's were old school! Fear not!  My mind is changed, I now heart wreath's :)

This wreath was super easy to make! Grab some leaves and other fall-ish stuff and hot glue like crazy!

I just love those beady, stick things!

I just tied a simple bow.  Yes it is wrinkled.  Hello! It's been in the attic for a year!

Easy peasy simple wreath that anyone can make!

Now, where is that cool weather that means fall is here?