Young and Crafty Sisters: Grandpa's Woodwork

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grandpa's Woodwork

This post is a little different.  I'm showcasing my Grandpa's work! My Grandpa is very good at working with wood.  I just wanted to showcase his amazing talent. He recently got into making birdhouses and I was lucky enough to get one! It takes him about a week to make ONE birdhouse. They are just really cool and each and every one is completely different. 

(Sorry about the picture quality, I took these with my phone!)

Isn't the finish beautiful?  He takes a log, splits it in half, hollows it out and then puts it back together.  You can't even see the seams of where he put them back together! The top is unique to this birdhouse and he made it as well.

This is the most magnificent bowl I have ever seen.  I think he used about 4 different kinds of wood and somehow made one bowl.  The time and thought that went into this bowl is just incredible.  I may or may not try to steal it every time I go to their house :)

And here is MY birdhouse.  Isn't it lovely?  I (as in W) haven't had a chance to hang it from the front tree in my yard yet. The finish and detail is just gorgeous.  Whatever that detail is on the bottom is beautiful.

I will always cherish this birdhouse and everytime I look at it I will think of both Grandma and Grandpa and how much they mean to me.  I'm sure I will get many compliments when it's hanging from my front tree :)