Young and Crafty Sisters: Simple Stool

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Simple Stool

I showed you my awesome garage sale finds (here) a few weeks ago. Well I finally re-did that that hideous taffeta little stool for my mom. Actually I finished a long time ago but just haven't got around to showing it off :)

The stain on top just wasn't cuttin' it. Oddly enough, my mom's house is actually decorated with a lot of maroon.  I found some SUPER cute fabric that I tried to beg my mom to use but it really didn't match anything in her house.  It matched mine though :) I hope to be using that amazing fabric later but when I went back to get some they were out! Hate when that happens...

Ok, back to this stool project!  I wanted to paint the feet as well but again, the wooden one's went better for my mom's house.  So here is the much better, super cute after!

Not necessarily what I would have done if it were MY stool but my mom loves it and uses it all the time!

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