Young and Crafty Sisters: How NOT to Redo a Chair

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How NOT to Redo a Chair

I found this fabulous chair at and estate sale for $30. I actually found it when it early in the morning when it was $60 and wasn't about to pay that much. Knowing how estate sales work, I stopped back by in the afternoon to see if it was still there.  Lucky me, it was!

I just love the curvy lines on it and we needed another spot to sit in the living room.

So there are all kinds of tutorial on how TO make something.  This is how NOT to do something with a little bit of a few things you should do thrown in.

I started by taking off the fabric.

At this point I decided I wasn't taking out one.more.teeny.tiny.staple. The entire cushion is stapled on and it's going to stay that way because I'm to lazy/tired busy to take out anymore.

Oh how I hate these tiny little suckers.

So, obviously, I didn't want spray paint to get all over the cushion. This is what I came up with. Not one of my brightest ideas but just wait, it gets even better.

Here's is where it all goes downhill.  You see, I have this problem.  I don't really read the labels on things when I buy them and about 90% of the time I buy the wrong thing.  (W will attest to this 100,000%)

Instead of heading my butt to Lowe's, I decided what the heck, can primer for metal really be all that different from primer for wood? Really?

BTW, if you don't own the spray gun you attach to the top, I HIGHLY suggest go buy one! I don't know why I didn't spend that 8 bucks much sooner!

Problem #2, if you've been reading this blog long, you know that I absolutely hate.loathe.detest. sanding. I would rather paint 542 coats of paint then sand.

In this picture, things are going great! I was loving how everything was turning out. And by golly that metal primer was doing it's thing!

And then...

the tragedy...

horrible, sad tragedy....

It started to bubble.
WHY? WHY is this happening?!
Enter, freak out mode!

I remembered reading a post that Censtational Girl did on spray paint. So I went back and looked to see where I went wrong on my little chair redo.

The three most common reasons for bubbling are:
1. The surface isn't primed
2. The temp is to cold
3. The surface isn't clean

I've basically ruled out 2 and 3 and have decided that 1 is the winner. Yes the surface was primed but I think it's because I used metal spray primer. I also think it's because I didn't sand at all.

So here this chair sits on the back porch, looking at me and laughing at my stupidity.

I will conquer you one day chair, just you wait.

Have you ever had a colossal furniture fail?