Young and Crafty Sisters: Tutorial by The 30 Girl!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tutorial by The 30 Girl!

I am very excited to introduce Katie from The30Girl! She's got a great project to share today! I hope you like it :)

Hello! I'm Katie from the30girl and I'm so happy to be here guest posting on Young and Crafty today! 

Today, I'm sharing a tutorial for making a decorative Christmas tree from a foam cylinder and book pages. I love to make crafts from things I have around the house; I so thoroughly enjoy seeing something cute and festive come from very little to start with!

 To get this unique and festive tree, here is your how-to.  

First, you will need a _____ foam cylinder and an old book as well as adhesive, a leaf shape stencil, some metal florist wire, and a hot glue gun.  You will need to cut A LOT of leaves from your book pages to cover the cylinder.  I'm not sure exactly how many you need, I just made the leaves as I went.   
After cutting the leaves, you will need to cut pieces of the florist wire a little shorter than the length of the leaves.  Then, cover the back of one leaf with your adhesive, place the florist wire in the center, and cover with another leaf.  Smooth the two pieces together with your fingers.  If the two leaves are not exactly the same size, trim the edges.  The key piece here is the florist wire because after attaching the leaves to the foam "tree", you can bend your leaves so that they flare out rather than just lie flat.

Lastly, starting from the bottom of your foam cylinder, use your hot glue gun to attach the leaves.  Go around, overlapping the leaves a little when you begin each new layer until your reach the top.  I let the top layer of leaves extend a little above the top of the cylinder and I covered the exposed foam top with a circle of book paper. 

That's it!  While this craft takes a little time, it is super easy and I love the final result.  I'm a sucker for print; so, I just love how this tree adds to my holiday decor.  

For more great holiday crafts and ideas, visit the30girl for my 30 HoliDAYS series starting November 29. 

P.S. If you interested in showing off something here on Young and Crafty email me at youngancrafty @   (It needs to be a tutorial that has NOT been posted to your blog before)