Young and Crafty Sisters: Featuring Crafty Mama!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Featuring Crafty Mama!

I am so excitied to introduce Katy from Crafty Mama! Be prepared to be wowed by her cute projects!!

Hello Young and Crafty Readers! I’m so happy to be posting here on Hannah’s amazing blog!
My name is Katy, and I’m a twenty-something mom to my 18 month old daughter, and soon to be son, due in January! I love making new things for my kids, and saving money along the way. I went to school to be a pastry chef, and I’m constantly baking something new! I love using my espresso machine to make my own coffee drinks, and I love sharing my recipes!
I keep a blog called Crafty Mama, which is where you can find all of my projects and recipes.
Here’s some of my latest and greatest.

I hope to see you over at my blog!