Young and Crafty Sisters: 07/10/10

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Earring Holder

Since we aren't quite finished with the kitchen I'm going to throw in a super easy project.  Hopefully I can post pictures soon of the completed kitchen with the finished window and plate covers back up.
All I need to do now is get off my lazy bum and do it :)

So I have always had a problem with how to store my earrings.  I had one of those cheap metal earring holders that I got from Clarie's when I was about 13.  You know the ones.  Mine had a monkey on it and it was very small and definitely didn't match my home decor.  I wish I would have taken a picture before I threw it away but I didn't.  I've seen several different types of earring frame holders floating around blog land so this is not an original idea. One of the first ones that I spotted was where someone used this mesh sculpting wire from Michael's.  I found 2 cheap frames from Goodwill and decided I would give it a test run.  Here are the two that I made.

Well I think they both turned out pretty stinkin' cute if you ask me! The only problem is they are small and they don't match my bathroom decor even a smidgen. So now I have two cute earring holders just hanging out in my craft room because I never intend to use them. But they are CUTE! (And would be perfect for a little girl!)

I figured, hey you did a pretty good job on those so why not try a bigger frame.  I did and it was awful.  The mesh works great for small frames but you can see every single crease where it was folded when you use a bigger frame. The wire mesh was also bowing out of the front of the frame. AWFUL I tell ya. Now I was back to square one yet again.

So when I found this great idea on UCreate a few months ago I jumped at the chance!  It was made with lace.  DUH lace has tons of holes in it and it doesn't show any creases! So here is try #2...

Practical and Functional, exactly what I needed.  Not to mention that I adore how it turned out!  This project was super simple to make.  Go to Goodwill and find a cheap frame (make sure it is wood) and paint it any color of your choosing.  I was planning on stapling my lace to the back of the frame but my staple gun wouldn't fit in the groove where the glass goes.  When a staple gun fails you, hot glue comes to the rescue!  I hot glued in the groove and around the frame to make sure it would holdup.  I then made a lace rosette for the corner. Umm FYI, lace rosettes are a TON harder to make then with regular ole fabric. I added a cutie button to the flower just because I have an obsession with buttons.  They are also very special because they were passed down from my great-grandmother.  The reason I said to get a wood frame is because if you want to put hooks on the bottom for hoop earrings or necklaces, you will need to screw or nail them into the wood.

This project cost maybe a total of $5.00 if that.

The only thing I need now is... MORE EARRINGS!!

Hope you enjoyed,

Kitchen Backsplash

Here comes Phase II of the kitchen renovation.  I thought it was hard to find black counter tops.  Well that was a cake walk compared to finding a backsplash that even remotely matched.  I scoured blogs and  HGTV searching for the perfect backsplash for our kitchen. I had finally decided on this...

White subway tile.  Boring. For my taste anyway. But I was so sick of looking that we were going to go with it.  I was never completely in love with it but it would do and I did NOT want to look at the ugly peeled off drywall from the Formica for one.more.second.  Here's a reminder of how awful it was.

I don't think the multi-colored ripped brown drywall goes very well with he cabinets.  Just sayin'. Another thing I didn't like about the subway tile is it would be so much white.  So even though I had decided on white subway tile, I still looked for something else. 

Then one day I found a picture on a website.  (I believe it was on Southern Hospitality's blog from a trip she took to Ikea but don't quote me on that) I swear I heard singing in the background.  I was IN LOVE.  I emailed the pic to W right away to get his opinion.  He liked it too.  The decision was made and we made a trip to Lowe's and got all of the essential tiling/grouting tools. And here you have it!

W putting up mortar and tile

The MIL helping out
(P.S. We couldn't have finished this project with out W's parents!!)


Cleaning it all up

So in case you can't tell by the pictures we went with tiles that you normally find in a bathroom. (Not sure if they have a name) What I loved most about this look was the black shiny tile with the white grout. Classic black and white. I feel like the white grout next to the black tile really makes the backsplash pop. And here is the final look of the tile!!


There were 2 things that surprised me about this project. 1.) Tiling is fairly easy.  W and the FIL had the hard part of cutting the tiles around the switches and the MIL and I mostly put them up.  I would say the hardest part of tiling is definitely the cutting around stuff.  I almost went with a diamond pattern instead and I'm glad I didn't for the sake of W and the FIL!! It would have required a ton of cutting. 2.) This was pretty cheap.  It probably cost us about $225.00 to tile everything.  W had a grinder and just bought a blade for that so that we could cut the tile.  I don't know if this was the easiest way but it worked for us.

I really do love the turnout and so does the hubs. We still have a few things to finish up.  The windowsill is a work in progress and we still need to bring the switches out to be flush with the tile/plug covers. (Does that make sense?) Hopefully we will get that finished up sometime soon!


P.S. I forgot to mention that we got free new sink with the counter tops.  We decided to go with an undermount and swear I hope I NEVER have and overmount sink again.  It is 2148234 times easeir to clean!!

P.S.S. I have so many things that I'm excited to post about that I have to refrain myself from doing like 5 posts a day!!