Young and Crafty Sisters: 07/11/10

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Few Scrapbook Pages

One of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking.  Someone that I used to work with got me involved with it.  I love to take pictures of everything and I never had anything to do with all the pictures!  Now I have seen some beautiful scrapbook pages out there and I don't think that these come close to comparing but I do love them and I think that's all that matters! Enjoy!

This is a double page spread from when we went sky diving a few years ago. On the left is W and I and on the right is everyone who went with us. (BTW sky diving is amazing!  I recommend that everyone do it if they get the chance!!!)

This is from a trip that we took to Brokenbow Oklahoma.  It was my first camping trip in a tent and we had a blast!!

This is W and I at a Rangers game back in 08.  He is the biggest Rangers fan you can ever imagine. We usually try to go to a few games a year to support them no matter how bad good they are doing!

Anyone can scrapbook, you don't have to create elaborate pages but just do what works for you! 


P.S. I need a new camera so I can take better pictures!