Young and Crafty Sisters: 07/13/10

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's next?

Alright guys, I can't decide which room to post about next.

Option 1. Master Bedroom

Option 2. Office/Craft room

Sooo... I am leaving the choice up to you!! Just leave me a comment and the winner out of Option 1 & 2 gets the next series of posts!

***Edited to add: Comment until 4 p.m. central time tomorrow!! 


Garage Transformation

All the credit for this post goes to the hubs.  I only get credit for using the tools that it stores :)

When we moved into our house we didn't have any workspace for tools and things like that. We didn't want to get a building for the yard since our yard is fairly small and we didn't want to make it any smaller with a huge building. I was literally using the miter saw right on the garage floor. W came up with a great idea to buy cabinets for the garage and build a countertop.  I must say that he did a wonderful job with the execution of this project.  The FIL gets a ton of credit as well with all the help he put in!

These are actually 3 unfinished (obviously) cabinets put together. W and my FIL built the top with plywood and then trimmed it out to give it a finished look. But the look was still unfinished with the cabinets the awful shade of blonde. W did a great job staining them a beautiful dark finish.

Here's W making sure the doors are all lined up and halfway done staining.

Here is the beautiful finish.  I think W did a fabulous job. Now the miter saw sits on the countertop instead of the floor and is about 100 times easier on the back!

And here's a picture that's just keeping it real. This is the result of about 5 projects going on at one time :)

Yeah that is a mess for sure, but that is a sign of progress right there.  Or just a mess....

Those 3 plugs that you see up there weren't there before.  We had 1... ONE, plug in the garage.  What kind of builder puts one stinkin' plug in a garage? So W and the FIL installed THREE brand new plugs. It certainly makes things so much easier!

If we had two tiny economy cars we could both still park in the garage.  But we don't and we couldn't even both park in there before without sucking in and walking sideways. (And we are pretty skinny people) W drives a 4 door Dodge so he parks on the street and I park my 4 door Grand Am in the garage.  That is when there aren't projects taking up space.  So usually I'm stuck in the driveway and get wet when it's raining and start sweating as soon as I get outside. But hey we are getting stuff done!

I really do get zero credit with this project.  W and my FIL worked very hard and did an amazing job.  I didn't even help stain... I did nada... I may have supervised.  He loves when I do that :)