Young and Crafty Sisters: 08/22/10

Sunday, August 22, 2010

PB Inspired Bookshelf

For my craft room, I knew I wanted some type of bookshelf.  Let me just say, there are very few books on this "bookshelf" but rather things that are special to me.  I also knew that I didn't want a traditional bookshelf. I do believe this was my very first Pottery Barn magazine and I knew immediately that I just had to have this bookshelf!

Isn't it gorgeous?  I just love the ladder leaning look and it was a little more nontraditional. I did NOT love the $299 price tag! Seriously? It's a bookshelf for crying out loud! So I showed the picture to the hubs and asked if he thought him and his dad could build it.  He said I don't know why not but he was secretly saying, "couldn't she have picked a plain jane bookshelf?" Let's just say I think this took a LOT little bit of measuring. But the end result turned out pretty dang close to PB and it only cost about $75!  They did make it a bit taller and wider but besides that it is an awesome knock off.  Props to the hubs and FIL! You are both awesome!

I even got the baskets to go on the bottom!!  (Sorry you have to see my junk in them!)


Doesn't it look FAB!?

I know you are super jealous right now!

So here is the shelf breakdown and probably more than you ever want to know about my "momentos"!

The blurred out handmade sign was a Christmas gift from my Mamaw and Papaw.  It has our last name and then W's and mine name.  It is beautiful cedar.  Of course the Michael Young bobblehead is just for W.  He is the BIGGEST Rangers fan you will ever meet! 

The 2nd shelf is my diploma and tassel that I worked VERY hard for. The books are just for decorative touches and have no special meaning. Both of the colorful glasses were gifts from my parents.  They got them on a cruise they just went on.  They are beautifully hand painted!  The picture is of W skydiving. And I just LOVE those little glass bottles.  One is filled with my great-grandmothers buttons and the other with ribbon that I hope to someday use! (If I ever get a sewing machine that is.)

This shelf is filled with W and I's wedding unity sand, and picture of me skydiving and my beautiful bouquet that my mom made. (I definitely get my "craftiness" from her!) And the ugly stuff by my bouquet is W's work stuff. Hey it's gotta go somewhere... Lastly the baskets which I love, hold a lot of crap :)

I'm just so glad my husband loves to do this kind of stuff!  I have so many projects in my head for him :)

Here is a side by side to compare...

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