Young and Crafty Sisters: 08/26/10

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yellow Chair

I found this chair at Goodwill for a whole $10 bucks and jumped on the deal!  I wanted a chair for my craft room but I didn't want a typical office chair. I had been looking for a chair for about a year waiting for the perfect deal to come along.  Yes, I am a cheapo!

Not so cute right?

It had a flower detail that I wasn't in love with but it would work.

The fabric wasn't awful but it wasn't what I wanted for the room.  Bet you can't guess what I used?!

So it was time to make her over.  This was my first chair redo and small upholstering project.  I had some yellow paint from a previous project and used that to paint this chair.

Isn't it the cutest chair you ever did see? 

As you can see, I used my lovely yellow damask fabric yet again! I also added a cushion to the seat to make it more comfortable. 

I just love the yellow!!

The OK flower detail.

I did learn a few things on this project. First of all, I hope to never use a paint brush on a chair EVER again.  I am extremely impatient and don't pay attention to drips.  It is no fun going around all the curves and edges.  I have another chair redo to do and I will be using spray paint for sure!  The other thing I learned is that when you add cushion the the seat don't pull the fabric super tight but just taut.  It's not the perfect chair but I do love it :)

Here she is one more beautiful time!!

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