Young and Crafty Sisters: 08/28/10

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Desk Table

You may have been wondering why I decided to paint the chair yellow.  It all started with the "desk".  This isn't a typical desk, in fact it's not even a desk at all!  As you all know, I love to scrapbook and I wanted a huge space to have everything out at one time because I am a crazy messy scrapper.  I searched Craigslist, Goodwill and garage sales looking for the perfect "desk". I found one of those tables with the white legs and tan top for $25.  You know the kind, the farmhouse type tables.  Well the stinkin' person sold it RIGHT before I emailed them.  So annoying.

I continued looking and found one at a garage sale for $20 bucks!  I practically ran to buy that thing before someone else did.  This was the same kind of farmhouse table but it had green legs.  Not just any green, Christmas green. Yuck-o-la! This was pre-blogging so I don't have a picture of the before! But here is the beautiful after!

Ok, back to the yellow. I knew I wanted a white table but all white was just a little to plain for me! I added a border and then W came up with the idea to put a monogram on it. W, came up with this on his own, I may have created a monster. "A" is the first letter of our last name in case you were wondering.

I found the A and hand drew it on a piece of paper to make a stencil. 

The border is my favorite part!  You know how much I love me some yellow.

And here is this side of the office.  I know that stereo is like ancient and huge but W won't let me get rid of it. The shelves above the table may be one of my most favorite purchases.  We got them at Ikea.  That was my one and only trip and I love that place. Ikea, if you want to set up shop in northwest Louisiana I vow to visit you once a week (maybe more). We got the shelves for $20 a piece.

I just love the free floating shelves!  (They are not crooked on the wall, that would be my awesome picture taking skills.) I made the Create block myself along with the ribbon holder.  I need to figure out a better ribbon holder because a.) I have about 20 more rolls that won't fit b.) that one isn't good for different size rolls and c.) it's really not all that cute. The earring holders on the top right are just hanging out collecting dust.  I may do a giveaway for them, would you be interested in winning them?

And here's about 100 more pictures because I love this space :)

I think I need to go create something... that just may be where you'll find me the rest of the weekend!

On a side note, the giveaway ends TONIGHT at midnight! Go here to enter.

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