Young and Crafty Sisters: 08/31/10

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Biggest, Baddest, Hardest Project EVER: Phase 1

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When we bought our house a little over a year ago, we knew that one of the things we wanted to change was the floors. The plan was to do the living room, kitchen, entry way and hallway. There was nothing wrong with the carpet in the living room and hallway we just wanted wood (laminate).

That is tile by the back door, not linoleum.

See? Not terrible.  Just beige with black speckles.  The kitchen on the other hand, now that is a different story!  It was linoleum that had roses in every other square.  It definitely didn't go with out new kitchen countertops and backsplash!

It was bringing the whole fantaboulous kitchen redo down. The entry way had the same tile as the backdoor.

So this next process, I don't have any pictures of.  Mainly because I was exhausted afterwards.  Let's just say that it's about a cajillion times easier to lay tile down than to tear it out.  Whoever laid the tile in our house did an awesome job because let me tell you it would NOT come out in big pieces. We went with the process of using a sledgehammer and banging it against a tool (forgot he name of it) to loosen the tile.  It was not working so we just started banging the tile with the sledgehammer (all while trying not to crack the concrete!) Needless to say, I was sore the next day!

The carpet was another story! The people who laid down the newest carpet didn't take the time to rip up the old wooden carpet grabber things. (Do these have a name?) Can we say lazy? So instead of ripping out just ONE set of carpet wooden things, we had to rip out TWO. Not to mention the old one was rotten.  Fantastic.

We went to look at floors at Lumber Liquidators.  We didn't really have any intention of buying THAT day but the sales guy told us that Louisiana was having their tax free weekend for back to school.  We got two samples, ran home and tried them out and went back and bought them.  Oddly enough the two samples were almost identical when we got out of the store.  That place was a nightmare!  They only had ONE dude working on a weekend AND it was tax free weekend!  Really? We probably waited for an hour just to buy them and then for another 30 minutes in the super HOT warehouse for him to come load them up.  Ummm, Mr. Sales Guy, we just spent a lot of money and all you give us is a bottle of water while we wait! He could have given us some cleaner or something.  Geez. So here are the boxes all stacked in the house.  Those were some heavy boxes! 50 lbs a piece and yes I did help unload them

I know this is a long post, so if you're still reading, THANKS! I'll show you Phase 2 later!!

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