Young and Crafty Sisters: 09/12/10

Sunday, September 12, 2010

All Day Scrap

I told you guys that I was going to be scrapbooking ALL day Saturday.  Well scrapbook I did!  Kind of.  I didn't really get all that much accomplished, only 3 double page layouts and one single.  One MAJOR accomplishment was finishing my wedding photos!  It only took me a year :)

I want to give you a little back story about the place we were scrapbooking. Faith, lost her husband due to an illness.  She had been a Creative Memories consultant for quite a long time but decided to take a break when her husband passed away. Well, she remarried and her new husband let her turn his house into a scrapbooking house.  She started to sell Creative Memories again and she now holds scraps on Saturdays. The fee is $20 from 10-10.  They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They aren't any measly little meals either.  I'm talking about home cooked delicious goodness.  She is also putting bunk beds in the 2 bedrooms so that she can hold weekend long scraps. I will definitely be returning once I have a life again school is over.  Here are a few shots of the house!

There is scrapbooking stuff to buy EVERYWHERE!

This is my best friend, Amber, and myself.  I love having a friend to share this hobby with!

Here is my favorite page of the weekend!  It's simple and elegant (in my opinion!)

That's my beautiful mom and the preacher.  W and I got married in Eureka Springs, AR at Thorncrown Chapel.  We didn't have a rehearsal (it cost extra) so the preacher man was going over the details with us, oh about 10 minutes before the wedding! That's the face of serious concentration :)

And this is my wonderful dad giving me away!  I kind of froze when he gave me away and I completely forgot to hug him.  I was so nervous after all of those people stared at me walking down the aisle. I, however, was not nervous at all about marrying my amazing husband :)

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