Young and Crafty Sisters: 09/15/10

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Project SuccessFAIL

Get it? SuccessFAIL (successful)!! I know genius right :)

I had a HUGE project fail. H.U.G.E. Everyone has seen these fluorescent pumpkins.

I got mine at Walmart last year for about $5.00 each.  I painted all of my pumpkins bright white.

One coat didn't cover very well so I gave them another one.

Freshly painted second coat.

So here is where it all goes downhill fast. Veeeerryyy fast...

I got this glaze for a chair redo that I plan to get to one day when I have a second of free time, so we're looking at December when school is out. 

Anyway, maybe it didn't work because the pumpkins were styrofoam and not wood? I don't know but they did not turn out like I had pictured in my head.  Not even a little.

What the heck? It looks like I took that pumpkin and rolled it around in the mud!

Really really bad...

So I had two super bright white paintings left.  I had no clue what to do with them.

And then I thought about this metallic paint I used on another project. (It is currently in fail status, we'll save that one for another day.)

I painted on some glaze and it was WAY better!

Now I have cute metallic pumpkins! 

All in all, that's why this project is SuccessFAIL! 

One fail...

BUT one great success!!!

Now I just need to decorate the front porch!

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