Young and Crafty Sisters: 10/06/10

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wooden Pumpkin

Everyone has seen a bazillion versions of wooden pumpkins floating around.  Well now you have a bazillion and one!  I'm all for making pumpkins but I wanted mine to look a little more, well, pumpkin-ie.  I think the rectangular ones are cute but just not my style.  (Please don't be offended if you have a rectangle pumpkin!)So here's what I came up with!

The hub's response to this wooden pumpkin was, "Where's the bottom?" Men... what do they know!  Can you imagine his response if I would have made a rectangular pumpkin?! It would have been, "That's supposed to be a pumpkin?" I'd put $20 on him saying exactly that!

I think it turned out pretty cute!

It was actually fairly easy to make.  I just used the jigsaw to round the edges of my wood.  I think the outside pieces were 2x6 and the inside 2x4.  The topper was a complete accident.  There was already a piece of wood shaped like that and I just made a straight edge! This project was completely FREE because I had two different people who were building houses give me their scrap wood.  They know what makes me happy :)

Here's the whole little vignette! (Along with a sneaky little dog)

So warm and fallish.

I just love the yellow leaves on the branch!

And there you have it. My version of the wood pumpkin!