Young and Crafty Sisters: Sewing My First Handbag

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sewing My First Handbag

Let's just say that sewing my first handbag was quite an experience. I used a pattern that I got at Walmart. Before beginning this little adventure, I really didn't think a pattern would be that hard. I.was.wrong.

This thing was like a foreign language. You want me to baste together? Ummm, I thought that was for meat? Apparently it's not just for meat. What is a notion? Top stitch? Interfacing? The list goes on. I googled a lot.

I finally stopped trying to dissect the pattern and the confusing instructions and just did what I felt was right. So basically, I winged it. During this whole process I came out with a new best friend. Me and that seam ripper, yeah, we are like thisclose. We have a love-hate relationship. I sure do love that it can fix my mistakes but I sure do hate using that darn thing.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I learned a lot and I'm very excited to try more patterns.

I chose a linen like fabric. It's pretty wrinkled looking in this picture but doesn't seem to be that way in real life.

I went with plain fabric because a) I would seriously mess a pattern up and b) I need a purse that will match whatever I'm wearing

I love the pleats! There's a basted stich that I just left in there, oh well!

I'll wear it and be proud that I made it!

Are you ever nervous about carrying/wearing something you made?

P.S. Let me just say that this is not my fist time to ever sew. I sewed a few things in high school but I always had to have my mom thread the machine. (Sad, I know)  It is, however, my very first pattern.

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