Young and Crafty Sisters: Chair Redo With a Tutorial

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chair Redo With a Tutorial

I am not one to turn down something free, so when my neighbor came over and said she was taking 3 chairs to Goodwill and asked if I wanted them, I said yes without a second of hesitation and tried not to do a little happy dance in the front yard!

This chair is old and like any old something or other, it needed a few repairs.

To repair the chair I took a few clamps and wood glue and left them on for several hours.

Since I didn't get the stained top I wanted on my sofa table, I decided to try a stained seat with this chair. I told the hubs what I wanted to do and I most definitely got a strange look. That's when I told him to leave the decorating up to me :)

I decided to stain first because of stain's tendency to seep. I didn't want the stain to seep into the paint if I had painted first.

After I stained the seat, I taped around all the edges.

And here's where the problem comes in. Because, yes, there is always some kind of problem when I get my hands on anything.

I get pretty comfy when I paint. It usually involves me sitting on the floor and rotating the chair so I don't have to move. Laziness at it's finest!

Well, you see, I'm just painting away. I dip my paintbrush in the paint can and reach to paint the top of the chair. Wouldn't you know it, my hand hits the side of the seat, the paintbrush flies in the air and...


Yes, that just happened.

That's when I decided I should have painted and then stained. I could have always touched up the paint had the stain seeped into it. However, I had to re-sand the seat and stain it again.

Every.single.project. is a learning process for me. Hopefully one day I will have learned everything!

That's ok, I learned my lesson and I am so pleased with the results!

I picked the paint to match my area rug. It is called Winter Lake by Behr. This time I got the primer and paint in one (only because they were out of the regular, cheap stuff) and I am so glad I did! It only took 2 coats of paint without ANY primer. This made me very happy because those little slats on the back were super hard to paint!!

No poly for this chair. I hope it gets beat up with normal wear and tear!

I just LOVE how different it is!

I've got it sitting by my sofa table as an entryway type of chair.

And a beautiful before and after!

Do you always have unfortunate things happen to you during your projects?

P.S. I absolutely HATE cleaning paint brushes so here is a tip for you. While I'm working on a project, I put the paintbrush in a ziploc bag and store it in the refriderator. It stays perfectly moist when you are ready to get started again. Now you only have to clean the paintbrush when you are finished!!