Young and Crafty Sisters: Magnetic Frames by Cross My Heart Designs {Tutorial}

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magnetic Frames by Cross My Heart Designs {Tutorial}

I've got a pretty cool guest post by Amber from Cross My Heart Designs. The possibilities are endless!

Hi, I'm Amber from Cross My Heart Designs.

This is my little family on Easter Sunday :)

 I'm so excited to have the chance to guest blog today on Young and Crafty!  I have been following Hannah's blog for a while now and I always find great inspiration with each visit.

I recently made some chalkboard frames that I have already used in a few shoots and sold at the last craft fair I was in.  However, they are not just any ordinary chalkboard frames.  They are also MAGNETIC.  I considered using the Krylon Magnetic spray paint, but after doing some research I found that most people said it did not have a strong enough hold to it.  

I went to Lowe's and picked up a few sheets of metal.  I also got clippers, or scissors, for cutting metal.  I had an employee point me in the right direction.  I purchased several frames from Hobby Lobby.  If you get frames from Hobby Lobby make sure they are half off (they usually always are) and check out their clearance section.  That's where I got this 16" x 20" frame for $4.99!

I measured out the dimensions of my frame which were, in this case, 16" x 20".

I used a Sharpie to outline the 16"x20" rectangle I would be cutting.

Since I was already in chalkboard mode I decided to cut three more 8x10s for additional frames I would be making.

I found that once you get into the center of the line you are cutting it is harder since you have thick metal on the other side.  I tried to peel up the other side as I cut, which left room for the scissors to get though.

Once all of my sheets were cut I went outside, ready to spray!  I used Krylon Chalkboard spray paint.  I could not find this paint at Lowe's, but they carry it at Hobby Lobby.

Once they were dry I placed them inside of the frames.  I purchased the easel back frames at Hobby Lobby and just took out the glass.  I used my hot glue gun to help the sheet be flush against the frame.

I found a great store for vinyl decals called Layer Cake Designs.  Melanie, the owner of Layer Cake Designs, has an Etsy store and a blog so check her out.  She was super easy to work with, amazingly quick with turnaround time, and super sweet!

Great recipe holder!  I made the magnets too!  Super easy!

Before I added the "Cafe" I used it in a photo shoot and wrote "I'm Graduating!"

Helpful for keeping all of your busyness in one place!

I really wanted to do a "Count Your Blessings" board.  I know I get so caught up with my busy day and sometimes I need to take a moment and reflect on all of the beautiful blessings the Lord has provided in my life.

I used the "Count Your Blessings" board in a recent shoot.

I also used chalkboard paint on wooden boards I also purchased at Hob Lob.  I sprayed them first and then painted the edges.

Thank you for reading my tutorial and be sure to drop by my blog at Cross My Heart Designs for more fun ideas, inspiration, and tips!  

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