Young and Crafty Sisters: Guest Blogger BluBabesCreate

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Blogger BluBabesCreate

Today I've got BluBabesCreate here to share some of her projects! She's done some amazing reupholstery work so be sure to check her blog out!

Hi my name is Emily!  And I want you to come check me out and do some crafts with me.  Even when I look like total crap.  Because lets you and I face it my friend, the mod-podge and glue-gun can make you look good.  I love to sew, craft and paint just about anything.  In this picture I'm sitting on my red piano.

These are some chairs I found and reupholstered.  They're called, "The Mondo Chairs."  Come find out why here,  I have four more different ones that I will be posting soon.  If you're a Ferris Bueller fan, you'll swoon over some upcoming chairs of mine.

This is a couch that I did.  And that's my son who is a lot bigger now on the couch.  You could call him a craft too.  I have that couch with hot pink pillows here.

Here's my seashell wreath I did a couple of years ago.

This has been my most popular post so far.  The Dress Shirt Skirt and the tutorial is right here.  Come make one and look hot!

I might not be rich enough to buy a real Faberge egg, but I'm rich enough for a sale at Michael's.  Come over and see this craft here.  Anyways, just type your Young an' Crafty fingers over to my blog here.  Are you sick of me saying "here" yet?  Well, good because I am too.  Now come glue-gun your way to heaven.