Young and Crafty Sisters: Born-Again Crafter: Vacation Feature

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Born-Again Crafter: Vacation Feature

I am so happy to here visiting with you guys today.  I am visiting from my site, born-again crafter
So let's see...a little bit about me.
I live in a small town named Cashmere in the Cascade Mountains.  I have 3 beautiful, crazy kids that also make me crazy.  To find some sort of sanity, I craft.  I dabble in all sorts: scrapbooking, cards, furniture redos, sewing, thrifty redos.  I also have become obsessed with Thrift stores and vintage sheets :)
Other than that, I try to balance my life as a mom, wife & crafter.  If someone has the answer to that, let me know!
Let me show you a few of my favorite crafts i've done lately:
Just finished up a Purple Party for my daughter's 4th birthday.  Here's a sneak peek at the invites :)
This is my all-favorite project i've done and probably the cheapest one too.  This only costed me .45 cents!
I am loving sewing these days, especially when you can take something old and make it new, like this dress I made for my daughter, out of vintage sheets!
Have I enticed you?
Well good!  Come on over and check out my blog and....