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Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Kinda Girl: Vacation Feature

Hey folks!  I'm Heather!  I make my home over at diy kinda girl, where I chronicle all my projects (which I have lined up one after the other, enough to last 'til the day I die, it seems).  I love the process of designing, planning and all around figuring out how to do something myself.  As a result, I have far too many hobbies, from papercrafting to crochet to jewelry making to sewing to making accessories to home decor to digiscrapping to home improvement.....
I'm also an avid reader, and do weekly (most of the time) book reviews on what I'm reading at the moment.

My favorite projects include:

Feel free to come visit me any time at diy kinda girl!  I'd love to have you!

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