Young and Crafty Sisters: October 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shabby Apple Bow Skirt {Giveaway}


I’ve got a giveaway that I’m SUPER excited about today! I’m sure you’ve all heard of and seen the gorgeous dresses that Shabby Apple has to offer.


In case you haven’t seen the beautiful dresses that they have, here are a few that I LOVE!




I love this plaid and red combo dress. So fun!




This green dress is chic and would be flattering on any body shape.


Shabby Apple is offering you guys a 10% discount!





This plum dress is to die for!


For you ladies out there who are expecting, they also have chic stylish dresses for you!




This white maternity dress would be so pretty for maternity photos!


Shabby Apple is offering my readers a 10% discount! Use the code crafty10off to receive your discount at checkout.


Dresses from Shabby Apple
And now the moment you’ve been waiting for! One very lucky winner will have the chance to win their very own Shabby Apple Bow Skirt.
Oh my goodness I am so jealous that I can’t win this!!
Here is how you can win (please leave ONE comment for each thing you do):
1. Visit Shabby Apple and tell me your favorite item
2. “Like” Shabby Apple on Facebook
3. “Like” Young and Crafty on Facebook
The winner must be a U.S resident. There will be no exchanges for the winning skirt.
The giveaway will end on Nov. 3rd at midnight.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Free for All

I tell ya, this semester is flying by for me! That is definitely a good thing in my book! I’ll be heading to a quaint little town called Jefferson, TX. tomorrow with some friends and family. They’ve got tons of little shops and antiques!

Here are the fab features from last week:


WOW this is a gorgeous chandelier makeover!


This is such a beautiful makeup job for Halloween! I would be to scared to wear it but I can definitely admire it!


I love me some sushi! This is a great tutorial on how to make it yourself!


These may be THE most adorable little goodie bags made out of toilet paper roles I have ever seen!

And the most viewed link this week is:


Such a fun Halloween wreath! Love the colors!

Rules: Link directly to your post of projects made by you, no Etsy shops, no giveaways(Please do not link up a project that you've already linked here before)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giant Wooden Candy Corn

Here is the post I did over at Pocket Full of Pink!

I'm going to show you how to make these giant candy corn.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Something bigger than a 2x4
Wood glue

Ok, let's get started!

Stack your blocks together and draw your lines. I just free handed this part. Your wider wood will be a pointer version of the candy corn.

Cut out your corn. I used a miter saw but you could easily use a miter box and some elbow grease! I sanded them down and rounded the tops and corners.

Take a generous amount of wood glue.

Clamp them together. I let them sit for about an hour or so.

Then paint each block the color of candy corn. I decided they were way to pretty.

So I sanded them a bit by roughing up the edges and lightly sanding over all of the paint.

Then I decided that they weren't distressed enough. I whipped out the stain and got this hot mess of a candy corn. It turned the white an awful shade of purple.

That corn got a redo. Obviously I couldn't put that on display!

And now I've got two beautiful candy corn!

I could just eat em' up. I looooveee me some candy corn. Even better is candy corn and peanuts!

They are hanging out on my floating shelves.

And here is how the whole wall looks!

I hope you have time to whip some of these up before Halloween! I'd love for you to come visit Young and Crafty sometime when you are bored :)

Thanks so much for letting me show off my giant candy corn Karen!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Post: My Creative Process

I've got Nicole here from My Creative Process today! She will be showing us how to make these adorable hairbows that go along with a super cute Ladybug outfit!

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Little Ladybug Hair Bows!

These hair bows are my favorite part of the Little Ladybug costume. These would also work well for a butterfly costume or a bumble bee. How cute would these be in yellow and black?!

Rather than having a ladybug headband, I opted to make two matching bows because my little one will not keep a headband in her hair. It's also a little different and very adorable.
I have to apologize for my pictures. I could not get my 22 month-old ladybug model to hold still, but I think you get the idea, right? The great thing about these bows is that the buggy antennae are removable, so after Halloween is over, you can still use them!

If you are not making a ladybug, butterfly, or bee costume, this is still a great hair bow tutorial, so keep reading. Just leave off the antennae part.

These bows are easy to make. The hardest part is getting your toddler to let you fix her hair into piggies and then actually putting the bows into her hair. If you can do that, then you can make these bows!


Ribbon (I used 7/8" red with black polka dots grossgrain and 5/8" red sheer with glitter dots--both from Hobby Lobby. You could add more layers of ribbon to your taste.)
Needle and Thread
Straight Pin
Hot Glue Gun
2 Black Chenille Stems (or pipe cleaners, I used the wider kind)
4 Black Pom-Poms
2 Alligator Clips

For the base of the bow, make a basic boutique bow. Usually when I make a boutique bow, I don't worry too much about measuring. But for these, you are making two bows that are the same size, so I recommend measuring. I made mine 4.5" wide. I have my own method for making these, and the great thing is you don't have to pre-cut your ribbon and guess how much ribbon you need for the length of loops etc. Here is my method for the first few steps.

Set your ribbon aside and thread a needle. The thread color doesn't matter much because it will be covered up. You'll want a fairly long piece of thread.

Baste stitch through the layers along center line.

Carefully pull the thread to gather and wrap around center several times. Leave thread and needle attached.

Cut out two same length accent ribbon pieces about the width of your bow. Heat seal the ends. Secure in an x with a very small (like tiny) dab of hot glue. Set on top of bow and wrap thread around to hold it onto bow.

Here you can add as many layers as you like. I only added one extra layer to keep it simple, but it's fun to add 3 or 4 (or more) layers depending on the bow you are making. I used lots of layers on my funky Halloween bow (example below). They can get thick quickly, and you need a very long piece of thread if you do this.
Funky Halloween Bow

Back to the ladybug bow...

For center of bow, tie another ribbon in a knot. Place a dot of glue under the know and attach it to the center.

Glue center ribbon to the back of the bow and then trim off the long end.

Line an alligator clip.

Glue clip to back of bow. Don't apply glue to the part of clip that you pinch, otherwise it's too hard to place in the hair.
Trim and heat seal the ends (if you haven't already done so).

Now here is the fun part, adding the antennae. For each antennae, you need one chenille stem and two pom-poms.

Apply glue to one side of a pom-pom and press tip of stem into the glue.
Repeat with other pom-pom.

Squeeze pom-poms together. This secures them to the chenille stem.

About half-way down the stem, clip the bow on the stem.
Fold stem in half, up around the top of the bow.

Twist the chenille stem around itself. This secures it to the bow, but also makes it removable so you can reuse your bow later.

Make another bow to match and you are done!

Check out my other tutorials for the skirt, wings, and trick-or-treat bag.

Thanks for letting me guest blog Hannah! I hope you all found some inspiration.


Thanks so much for visiting Nicole! Be sure to go check out her blog My Creative Process!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spooky Spider Wreath

First of all I have to wish my wonderful husband and my beautiful sister a Happy Birthday! I hope you both have the best day and I love you!

In case you missed my guest post over at Craft Junkie Too, here ya go!
Here is what we will be making today:


A spooky spider wreath!


Here are the supplies you will need:
  • A small wreath form (or big if you want!)
  • Spiders (these are rings)
  • Ribbon

Spray paint your wreath black. I also sprayed a few spiders (about 10) because I didn’t think I would have enough. They came in handy but I didn’t really need anymore than that. The spiders were rings so I had to cut the ring part off of all of them. Then hot glue the spiders everywhere. This is a GREAT TV project!


And there you have it… a spooky spider wreath!


I just love all of the legs going every which direction!


I used straight pins and hung it from my curtain in the kitchen. You can check out my BOO blocks HERE. And yes, I have needed to pot the plant on the right for about, oh, 3 months. It’s on the to do list