Young and Crafty Sisters: 01/03/11

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jewelry Holder

Way back when I had about 3 followers, I showed you guys how to make an inexpensive earring/necklace holder. My sister eyeballed it after I made it and my intention was to make her one way back in JULY.

Well 6 months later, I drew her name for Christmas. I had no intention of making her anything but simply just buying her gifts. While Wyatt and I were working very hard on making my brother's chess board, we had a few, umm, mishaps. Let's just say, angles were cut incorrectly resulting in buying extra trim.

Anyway, I saw all of that extra trim and thought back to that earring holder. I could just make a frame myself! This project was practically free because I already had everything. I did buy the hooks for $1.00.

The back is made with lace so that you can easily hang your earrings and I made the flowers with fabric I had on hand. The button was my great-grandmothers.

She LOVED it! I like it better than the one I made for myself too :)

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