Young and Crafty Sisters: 02/20/11

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Three Leaf Clover and Tutorial

I now have exactly one St. Patrick's Day decoration in my whole house. You could say that follows the same theme as Valentines Day. I only have one decoration for that holiday too.

Anyway, I have seen this type of thing all over blog land and have really wanted to give it a whirl. Never.again. If you want a really time consuming 2 hour project, go for it! The final result really is fabulous!

Here is my tutorial:

I used one, size 13, Nike shoe box and some fabric that was given to me in that big stash I got at Christmas.
Oh and don't forgot, hot glue. You'll need a ton.

I drew the shape I wanted on the box and then cut it out. I used the same shape to cut out two more for my other two leaves.

I had to piece my clover together with scrap pieces from the box. If you have a big piece of cardboard this would be much simpler. Hey, I'm not saying it perfect. I just used what I had on hand!

I then used my hairspray to make a perfect circle. Now cut out 348734987234 circles. To speed this step up just a teensy.little.bit, cut through several pieces of fabric at once.

Take your circle and fold it in half and half and half, or however many halves you want.

And tons of hot glue and start adding circles. I started from the middle and worked outward. Repeat this step approximately 489834 times.

I got this far whenever I realized I didn't have even close to enough fabric. Yikes!

My intentions were to have a beautiful door "wreath" so that I could take down my Christmas winter wreath. That idea went out the window. On to Plan B: cut off the excess orange. This little guy would have looked like a shrimp on the front door!

So instead of the front door, there he sits on my mantle...

Right next to my pink cherry blossoms for Vday. I did at least take the Vday mirror down for you guys. Sheesh, I move slow.

Maybe I'll get around to doing another St. Patty's day decoration. We'll see!