Young and Crafty Sisters: 04/13/11

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Garden Update

I've got a little garden update for you guys! I guess you could say that I have 2 small gardens. The hubs let me have another area that will hold our firewood next year. There was azalea bushes there but we transplanted them to the front flower beds.

Here is the area where I planted. I have 2 rows filled with carrots, radishes, and purple onion. You can see that the radishes have already sprouted in this picture.

If you are thinking about growing a garden, radishes are the easiest thing you can possibly grow. The sprout in about a week and are super low maintenance! When they do sprout up, you have to thin them to one sprout every inch or so. If you are more patient than I am you can plant just one seed about an inch apart!

And here's how it looks today! The radishes are growing like crazy and the carrots and purple onion have sprouted. You can see a spot towards the back where I must have spilled some radish seeds. Oh well! More radishes will grow, just not in the designated area!

I showed you my circle garden a few weeks ago and here is how it is today. Two tomato plants have died but I'm not sweating it! I will probably just plant two more.

(Yes, I did in fact mispell jalapeno in the above picture. And yes, I am to lazy to fix it. Whoops!)

That's thing about gardening, you can't take it to seriously. If you do then it won't be any fun!

Here are the baby jalapeno sprouts! You need to thin these as well. I left about 3 sprigs in case one or 2 died.

Is your garden growing?