Young and Crafty Sisters: 04/18/11

Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Bedroom DIY Wall Art

There is one room in the house that I haven't shown you (besides the bathrooms) and that is the guest bedroom. I like it but it just needs a little work.

About, oh let's say 6 months ago, I decided to use some leftover wood from my DIY headboard and make some wall art. I've used wood several times as my "canvas". (Here and Here and Here)

The first attempt was, ummm, not what I was looking for.

Honestly, I don't think it's the worst, most awful thing I've every seen. There was just something off about it. Everyone I asked said it was just "ok". 

And there it sat in the guest bedroom. For 6 months. Or so. Who's really counting anyway?

I was finally inspired and came up with this:

I looked at an image on my Cricut cartridge called Songbird and lightly drew my outline with a pencil. So basically I free handed the image and then painted it with my Winter Lake paint that I used here.

To hang the boards I used 3 screws. 2 on top and one on the bottom.

A few of them caused the wood to split a little. No worries.

I painted over all of the screws. I may be a lot of things but a perfectionist is not one of them! You can't even tell unless you are looking for the screws.

I think this version turned out much better. Maybe it's because I added leaves and branches.

I guess I've jumped on the bird bandwagon now!

My husband doesn't "get" this whole artwork thing but what does he know anyway?

My wall art hangs over this wood chest that Wyatt and his dad made. It used to hold firewood. This thing is gargantuan, as in ginormously huge! We now use it for our snow gear.

So while we're hanging out in the guest room, I suppose I'll show you around the rest of the room!

This is the view from the door. I absolutely love the bedding. The wall color was what the previous owners had and we both liked it enough to keep it. I've thought about putting horizontal stripes on the wall along the bed in a translucent color. I also would like to paint the bed but that's an undertaking! And I would love to put something above the bed. The little pup can stay :)

The window is screaming for some beautiful curtains. I haven't found the perfect fabric yet!

Here's the other side of the room. If I ever paint the bed I will paint the dresser the same color. There's a frame sitting on top and an unfinished project that's been sitting there for, oh, let's just say 9 months.

So there's the guest bedroom tour! I can't promise you when or if I'll every complete any of those wish list items but be rest assured that you'll see the result!

One last before and after of the wall art:

So what do you think? Be honest, I can take it!