Young and Crafty Sisters: 05/22/11

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Entryway Window Pane Coat Rack {Tutorial}

Here is the frame I repurposed and showed off on Sugar Bee Crafts!

I found this old window pane at Canton for a steal. At $5 I was sold! It was in perfect condition. All the glass was in place and I just loved the rope detail and the rusted latch. As soon as I got home and sat it on the ground to shut the car door, a glass pane slid out and crashed on the concrete!
(If you are looking for an old window pane, check an antique store, they usually have tons!)

So much for my perfect window pane! On to plan B.

I took a hammer and knocked out the remaining panes over a trash can.

I then sanded everything down and taped the rope on each side and the latch. I know myself pretty darn well, and I would have painted all over the rope!

Now time for paint! I chose a turquoise/blue color. It absolutely does not match my entryway at all. I wanted a fun color! And a new color means a redo :)

After the paint dried, I did some distressing.

I always start questioning my distressing job when I leave the edges and start to scuff up the middle. The trick, I've figured out, is a little goes a long way. Also, do a little at a time and go back and add if you want.

Now it's time to glaze. This was my first time to glaze on color so I was a bit nervous!

Put a little glaze on a towel.

Rub it on and then wipe it off with a dry part of the towel.

The glaze really brings out the spots that are distressed.

To hang it up, I jerry rigged a little somethin', somethin'. Basically I screwed in 2 screws and wrapped wire around both of them.

I got these 3 hooks at Lowe's for around $2.50 each. I measured in the middle of the each pane for the placement of the hooks.

Hang it up and admire! I really love the fun rope detail, it makes me think the window is really old. I'm not sure if new windows are made with ropes or not.

The distressing is just enough.

Here's a close up of the latch in all it's rusted glory. Oh and the beautiful way it's hung up. Don't fret, you can't see it unless you are 6'8.

I hope my jerry rigged way of hanging it up will actually hold coats :)

I must say that I am in love with this! I see a pennant banner hanging across here in the future!

Have you ever done anything with an old window pane?