Young and Crafty Sisters: 10/26/11

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giant Wooden Candy Corn

Here is the post I did over at Pocket Full of Pink!

I'm going to show you how to make these giant candy corn.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Something bigger than a 2x4
Wood glue

Ok, let's get started!

Stack your blocks together and draw your lines. I just free handed this part. Your wider wood will be a pointer version of the candy corn.

Cut out your corn. I used a miter saw but you could easily use a miter box and some elbow grease! I sanded them down and rounded the tops and corners.

Take a generous amount of wood glue.

Clamp them together. I let them sit for about an hour or so.

Then paint each block the color of candy corn. I decided they were way to pretty.

So I sanded them a bit by roughing up the edges and lightly sanding over all of the paint.

Then I decided that they weren't distressed enough. I whipped out the stain and got this hot mess of a candy corn. It turned the white an awful shade of purple.

That corn got a redo. Obviously I couldn't put that on display!

And now I've got two beautiful candy corn!

I could just eat em' up. I looooveee me some candy corn. Even better is candy corn and peanuts!

They are hanging out on my floating shelves.

And here is how the whole wall looks!

I hope you have time to whip some of these up before Halloween! I'd love for you to come visit Young and Crafty sometime when you are bored :)

Thanks so much for letting me show off my giant candy corn Karen!