Young and Crafty Sisters: 11/08/11

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest Post: Lines Across My Face {Wine Cork Pot Holder}

I am so glad that Rachel from Lines Across My Face is visiting today! She's got a great project to share with you. This would make a fun and unique Christmas gift!

I am the mother of these two cute little ones.

Lines Across has turned into mostly a craft blog. Almost all of my projects {like my scribble gift bows, football onesie, and felt flower tutorials} are simple enough that almost anyone could do them with things they already have around the house or a $5 trip to the craft store.

Wine Cork and Embroidery Hoop Trivet

I saw this cork trivet on Pinterest a while ago made with wine corks and a metal hose clamp from the hardware store. I thought that it would be fun to make one with an embroidery hoop.

What you need:

About 40 wine corks

A 6 inch wooden embroidery hoop (just the outside piece)

Piece of cardboard

Piece of felt

Hot glue gun

First, I decided to dye all of my wine corks purple. I simple put a thin layer of cheap red wine in the bottom of a small cookie sheet and then placed the corks face down. I let them soak overnight. They ended out being all different shades of purple.

Next, I let them dry for a little while on a piece of foil. They smelled a little bit like old wine, but after I rinsed them and dried them the smell disappeared.

I then arranged them inside of the outside piece of a 6 inch embroidery hoop. I used 40 corks. Once the hoop is stuffed full of corks, I tightened it as much as possible. Some of the corks in the middle were still a little bit loose, but it did not matter.

I flipped over the trivet and hot glued a thin cardboard circle (from a cereal box), slightly smaller than the hoop. Next, a glued a circle of felt (same size) on top of the cardboard. Now all of the corks are secure.

Now I have a fun place to set pots in the kitchen. This would also make a fun, cheap, and easy Christmas gift.

Thanks again, Hannah! You are awesome.

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