Young and Crafty Sisters: 11/27/11

Sunday, November 27, 2011

T-Shirt Scarf

Hey guys! Today I have a super special guest… my sister! She was in town and we did a little crafting. She’s caught on to the Pinterest rage and made a scarf from old T-shirts. (Find her inspiration here and here.)



She’s going to hi-jack my blog and share with you how she made her very own T-shirt scarf!

Hey y’all!  I am Hannah’s sister, Brittany.  Pinterest has recently taken over my life and I kept seeing pictures and tutorials for t-shirt scarves.  I made my first scarf at my house, which does not have a craft room full of goodies and a sewing machine like my sis.  So this cheap and easy scarf can be hand stitched or no sewing, depending on if you add braids.  So here is how I made this Aggie inspired t-shirt scarf (Whoop!).


I raided my dad’s t-shirt drawer and Hannah’s husband’s closet to find large or extra large t-shirts.  It is best to have a t-shirt with no seams on the side, it looks more polished.  It is fine if it has stains or is faded.  Once it is cut up you can’t really tell. 


Lay the t-shirt flat and cut off the bottom hem.  You can toss this piece to the side, we won’t use it for this project.  Then cut 1/2 inch or 1 inch strips all the way  to the sleeve of the t-shirt. 


The strips do not have to be exact or even!  As  you can see, mine are scraggly and very uneven.

DSC02457        DSC02456         DSC02458

Take each strip and stretch it.  This is why your strips don’t have to be even.  The stretching causes the edges to roll under and look finished.  Try to make sure all the pieces are the same length when stretching.  Also, make sure you have a furry friend to help out.  I borrowed Hannah’s pup Roxy to keep me company during the project! :)


I love adding braids to anything like hair or scarves!  So I used another t-shirt to add more color.  You can keep it simple and just use one color.  Wyatt’s brother was not happy that a Ranger’s shirt is now an Aggie scarf!

  DSC02462    DSC02463

To make the braid I either safety pin the end or use a straight pin to hold it together.  To make it easier to braid I normally pin the end to the floor, carpet, or comforter where I am working!

DSC02464    DSC02465

Finish the braid by stitching right across.  This does not have to look professional, as you can see.  No one will see this part.  Cut off the extra fabric close to the stitch.  When I hand sew it I tuck the end under and it looks a little more professional.  I also made a white braid the same length as the maroon and white braid and then I made a shorter maroon braid that I will use for wrapping.

DSC02470     DSC02469

If your t-shirt has a seam make sure they are all gathered together at the top.  You can be creative and place the braids where ever you want.  Take a scrap strip from the t-shirt to wrap around the top to keep all the strands together.  I try to sew as little as possible since I don’t have a sewing machine like my lucky sister, so I just wrap this strip around the pieces and tuck the end into the wrapped part.  You can add a few hand stitches if you are ambitious.


I wrapped my maroon braid around the pieces where the braids end.  This one needs a stitch since it is so thick.  Just make sure it is on the back side so you don’t see it. 


Tada!  Here is my Aggie inspired t-shirt scarf.  It is kind of a necklace/scarf hybrid.  Perfect to wear to any A&M event and have a one of a kind piece!

Didn’t she do a great job!? I love spending time with her and crafting time together is even more fun :) I sure hope you have found some inspiration to make one of your own!


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