Young and Crafty Sisters: Guest Post: What Meegan Makes

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guest Post: What Meegan Makes

Today I've got Meegan visiting from What Meegan Makes! She's got a great post on how you can change up anything you've got lying around.

For about a year I have been trying to change the look and feel of our home.  I have painted frames, sewn pillows, moved things around, in hopes to get a more cottage/beach home feel.

This is one of the last painting projects to accomplish my goal.

My magazine rack.  At one time I really liked this look, but now it's time for a change.

I pulled out the two paints I have used a lot lately.  Better Homes and Gardens/Semi Gloss-Teal Lake and Olympic.Satin-Turquoise Mist.  My idea is to over lap them for an aged weathered look.

After the coat of Teal Lake.  I never coat anything all the way.  Then it won't have the weathered look I like.

This is after I brushed over with the Turquoise Mist.  It looked really good, but I like to sand the paint after I am done painting.  I like my projects to look worn and used.  I guess you could say I like them to look old :)

I used a 60-80 grade sandpaper to scratch off the paint.  Be careful not to use too much pressure, because you will take all the paint off.

A close up of the two colors and the sanding.

Perfect new home next to my cute blue cupboard.

This was REALLY easy, and took me less than an hour. 

Is there something in your home that needs a new coat of paint?  Leave a comment and let me know-I would love to hear about it :)

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