Young and Crafty Sisters: Dresser Redo {Tutorial}, Organization, & Craft Room Tour

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dresser Redo {Tutorial}, Organization, & Craft Room Tour


I posted a picture on Twitter and Facebook of an amazing deal on a dresser at an estate sale. I snagged it for $30! Super score! That was about 2 months ago.

And yes, I just now finally got around to finishing it up.

There were several options of where to put this dresser. I originally wanted it for our bedroom but the drawers were to small. I then thought about the living room and replacing the sofa table but changed my mind. It’s new home is in my craft room. I desperately needed more storage. Of course the tiny closet is overflowing!

So here is how I fixed this bad boy up:


This dresser was painted an awful yellow color that was worn. But not worn in a cool, distressed way. I didn’t love the knobs. I thought they were overpowering the dresser and I planned on changing them up. Key word… PLANNED.


For some reason, the previous owner got the bright idea to nail a piece of plywood to the bottom and put it on casters. It looked absolutely ridiculous! I thought about putting molding around the bottom and decorative feet. I decided not to so that I could save a few bucks.


I gave her a light sanding. In other words, a Young and Crafty sanding. AKA, not very good. I DESPISE sanding. The lack of sanding on the drawers is also the reason why the knobs didn’t get changed out. You could still see the rings of where the plates behind the knobs were.

I gave the dresser 3 coats of white paint.


Of course I didn’t want just a plain white dresser. That would be to easy! My inspiration came from Pinterest which came from Centsational Girl. My dresser didn’t have grooves so I faked that effect. I measured 3/4 in. from the edge and then again at 1 3/4 in to make a 1 inch stripe all the way around.

This part sucked. I swear I can’t ever just make a project easy!


Oh I just LOVE the yellow stripes!


I think it turned out very charming!


It also matches my craft table. But it’s not too matchy-matchy.

Now I’m going to show you some embarrassing but super real pictures. These pictures are the exact reason WHY I needed more storage. These pictures also show exactly how lazy I am when it comes to cleaning :)

DSC02813 (1)

Not so bad from this view.


Oiiii. That is baaaad.


And here is the tiny closet, overflowing with stuff. (Ribbon organizer post here)

On the left we have: The top shelf has random scrapbooks, ribbon, pictures and who knows what else. The second shelf has yarn, patterns, moss, paint and other random crap.

On the right we have: The top shelf has random boxes. Honestly I didn’t even know what was in them. Fireworks… umm what?  Vase and some of the hubs work stuff. The clothes are the hubs work uniforms.

The floor has scrapbook totes, old printer, cutting mat, iron, foam, weights, pull up bar, towels to paint on, batting, and I’m sure plenty of other stuff. Who knew that much could fit on that tiny little space!?


A ton of stuff went into the dresser. The hubs uniform got moved to another closet. It’s MUCH more organized!

Ok so here is a mini tour of the craft room:


This is looking in from the door to the left. The shelf is a PB knock off that my husband and his dad built a few years back, find the post here. The filing cabinet redo can be found here.


This is standing by the file cabinet. Nope I didn’t straighten my fabric piles for you guys. Sorry! You can find the craft table post here, the hanging buckets here, the photo boxes here, and the chair here.

And there you have it! Everything you ever wanted to know about the craft room.


Thanks for reading!
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