Young and Crafty Sisters: A New Beginning: Personal Post

Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Beginning: Personal Post


Today marks my last day at my current job. I’ve been working for this particular bank as a teller and customer service representative for almost two years. I have made some incredible friends and gotten to know some amazing people. It is completely bittersweet to be leaving. I know that today there will be many tears. Happy and sad.


I’m leaving to work at a job that is much more in line with what I’m going to school for. I’m currently working on my Specialist in School Psychology degree. It has been incredibly hard taking 9-12 hours of graduate school hours per semester while working full time. The job at the bank has been more than helpful and flexible with allowing me to continue my education.


I will be working with Autistic children now. I’ll be what’s called an ABA Tutor. I am thrilled and excited along with nervous and anxious. The main reason I’m nervous is because I will be working MUCH less hours. I will be going from 40 hours a week to a guaranteed 10 hours a week (hopefully more). Less hours=less money. I have crunched all the numbers and know we will be fine but we are going to have to cut back. I am so thankful that we can afford this. Hopefully my stress level will go down and I can focus more on school.


The other great news is that I will have more time to crank out projects! I do plan on focusing more on my blog and hopefully bring you more projects and inspiration.


So here’s to a new beginning of a new chapter!




Thanks for reading :)