Young and Crafty Sisters: “Love Never Fails” Canvas Art {Tutorial}

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

“Love Never Fails” Canvas Art {Tutorial}


I was super lucky and was selected by Plaid to come up with something awesome for Mother’s day. I have never received so many awesome products in my whole life! Take a look at all this loot:


I couldn’t wait to dive in! The first thing I had to do was figure out what my mom wanted for Mother’s Day. What better way than to ask her?! She said she would like some art for her newly renovated bathroom. It’s color scheme was yellow, gray and black.


I took a plain white canvas that my sister gave me (thanks sis!) and painted it a cheery yellow. I then grabbed some of Martha’s skinny tape and taped off some lines to be painted gray. After painting them gray, I hated it and decided to go with black!

I then cut out the quote “Love never fails” on my Cricut using Songbird and Alphalicious fonts. The heart I printed from my computer. I then used Martha’s spray glue to make a stencil. The glue worked ok. There were quite a few touch ups!


I intentionally painted the heart gray so that the art didn’t look like a bumblebee. After it dried, I traced around it with a sharpie. I also cheated and traced around all the letters so that the lines were straight.

Let’s just say that I’m muuuuch better at abstract art :)


This is my favorite detail! You can see some of the gray peeking through but I love the design.


I think it turned out ok. It’s not my favorite piece of art ever. Just alright. I’ll let my mom decide if she wants to hang it or not. Mom, it won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t like it!!


Thanks so much for letting me participate Plaid! I can’t wait to create more fun stuff :)


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