Young and Crafty Sisters: How to mod podge a ceiling fan {Vacation Week Re-post}

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to mod podge a ceiling fan {Vacation Week Re-post}


This is by far still one of my favorite redo’s! The fan has held up great. I’ve done some editing, to see the original post go HERE.




I received a comment asking if the mod podged fan wobbled and squeaked after adding the paper.  All I can tell you is that so far so good.  Nothing crazy has happened.  It's still hanging up there looking all gorgeous and stuff! (Trust me, I will let you know if it goes haywire or kills us in our sleep!!)

And lastly... How about a tutorial?! I know you have all been on pins and needles waiting with anticipation. Yeah right...

Seriously guys, this is a super easy project that takes no time at all. It would have taken me even less time had the fan not been so ridonkulus to take apart and put back together. Not to mention that the hubs made me mod podge the side you wouldn't see first.  Just to be safe.  That way if I hated the outcome we wouldn't have to replace the fan.  I was halfway confident that it would work out just how I planned so I thought this step was unneeded. Because that's how I roll.  My projects always go as planned. Most of the time... well sometimes. Occasionally.

Step 1: Gather your tools.


Here is your shopping list:
Mod podge
Paint brush/sponge brush
Sand Paper
Scrapbook Paper
CD case
Why, you ask, might you need a CD case to mod podge something?? Well you don't really need a CD case, you just need something hard that can help smooth out wrinkles. (Not to worry, you will see a picture of how it's done)  Other possibilities are debit/credit cards... OK that's the only other one I can think of right now but you get the drift.
Step 2: Get your fan blade, scrapbook paper and craptastic towel
Step 3: Apply Mod Podge
Be generous with the mod podge.  These blades will be spinning fast so you don't want your paper flapping in the breeze!
Step 4: Apply Scrapbook Paper and Grab CD
If you are using a print make sure to line it up exactly how you want it. With this print I made sure that I matched it up just perfectly to make it look like a whole sheet.  If you look close, like really close, you can see the seams.  (Let's just hope the fan inspector doesn't drop by.) Kidding.  Really though, nobody is gonna get that close to your fan blade!
Once you have your paper placed where you want it (yes you can pull it up before it dries) grab your CD and smooth all over to get any wrinkles or bubble out. Keep doing this until it dries a little.  You may still have a few bubble and wrinkles when you're through. (Only freak out if that fan inspector drops by.)
Step 5: Wait a few minutes
Let the glue dry.
If you are as impatient as I am you will ignore this step of instructions because you are so dang excited about this project and you are ready to finish and hang it up!
Step 6: Cut Around the Fan Blade
It's that easy, just follow the edge of the fan with your scissors.  Don't worry about any jagged edges, we will clean them up in a minute.
Here's what it should look like.
Step 7: Topcoat of Mod Podge
You will now want to put a coat of mod podge on the outside of the scrapbook paper.  Don't worry it WILL dry clear! Depending upon the type of mod podge you buy depends on the finish you get.  I have glossy mod podge but they do sell matte.
(Hard to tell in the pic below but it has the topcoat here.)
Step 8: Sand Edges
Sorry, no pic for this step but it really is easy.  Take your sand block or sand paper and sand the rough edges AFTER it has dried. This will just give a smooth finish.  If you want you can wrap the scrapbook paper around the edge of the fan but I didn't do that.  I wasn't worried about anyone (such as the fan inspector) seeing the tan sides of the fan.  Really it's just your preference!
Step 9: Hang up and Enjoy
This is my favorite part.  Hang that bad boy up.  Lay down on the bed and just stare in amazement that a fan can really look THAT stinkin' good.


I swear my heart just did another jiggity jig!!
Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a mod podge expert by any means but this works for me!
Hope this was helpful!! If you have any questions whatsoever please leave a comment or shoot me an email at  !!