Young and Crafty Sisters: Hall Linen Closet Re-Organized

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hall Linen Closet Re-Organized

Organized Linen Closet

This is one of those projects that I’ve been meaning to tackle for, oh let’s say a year. In actuality it took me about 45 minutes. Why do I drag my feet on things like this!?


Oh, I know why. Let me introduce my self. Hi, I’m Hannah and I have a serious problem folding sheets. They somehow end up in a giant wad of sheet mess. I am officially a wad-er of sheets.

Enter exhibit A:


Sheets are just so big and there’s so much fabric. And don’t even get me started on folding a fitted sheet. That’s a whole other nightmare!

This linen closet was nothing less than a big hot mess.

Linen Closet Numbers

So here are the problem areas. 1. A waded up blanket and a Hawaiian beach thing that I have never used (It’s headed to Goodwill.) 2. Wow a whole shelf of waded sheets. 3. A mystery basket. 4. A ginormous stack of pillowcases. 5. Another ginormous stack of cleaning rags. 6. Beach towels and old towels that get stuffed wherever they can fit. 7. Tins that I’ve had since Christmas to use as storage for this very linen closet. 8. Our stock of TP. 9. More waded blankets. 10. A small dog crate (Headed to Goodwill.) 11. A giant mystery box. Seriously had no clue what this box held.

The first thing I did was pull out the tins.


They needed a major makeover. They were definitely Christmas-y.


They both got a nice coat of gray spray paint.


Next I pulled out this ridiculous stash of light bulbs. They were hidden on a shelf behind a, you guessed it, waded sheet. Unfortunately, every single light fixture in our house requires a different bulb. And no, I’m not exaggerating. These were destined for a newly spray painted tin.


The mystery basket held wires and cords and a few furniture pad things. All stuff that we may need one day even though we haven’t needed it in 3 years of living here. Who else keeps stuff like that?!


The mystery box held some lovely western sheets that date back to approximately 1985. Also included are some floral sheets. This box is definitely headed to Goodwill.

I then took out every.single.sheet.and.pillowcase. Then I looked up how to fold a fitted sheet and found THIS tutorial. It pretty much saved my sheet folding life.

And NOW, here is my super organized linen closet:


So much cleaner! Can you see how nicely my sheets are folded?!


The top holds blankets that we use in the winter. The next shelf hold the basket of wires and cords and more blankets. Next is my new tins that are holding light bulbs and candles. Next is my beautifully folded sheets and pillowcases. And the last shelf holds towels and cleaning rags.


I whipped up these little tags and attached them with clothespins. That way they are easily changeable if I move the tins around or something. I wanted gray ones but my printer wouldn’t print them for some reason.


For the floor, I moved in the bigger dog crate that was taking up space in my craft room. There is also weights and my yoga mat on either side.

Why is it that after organizing you feel like you accomplished so much? I always do!

Do you let your closets get that bad? Once mine is organized it will stay that way. My problem was that it was never organized when we moved in!